Trump addresses the masses after YUGE New Hampshire victory

Trump in victory isn’t much different than Trump at any of his massive rallies. He starts out by thanking his parents in Heaven and then moves on to thank his entire family. There’s a nod to the “talented” Republicans who ran against him and something close to a nod of congratulations to Bernie Sanders. (Before announcing that Bernie just said he was going to give the country away.) He eventually gets around to thanking the voters and his supporters and then breaks into his promises of what he’ll do for America.

As you’ll see, the crowd is ecstatic. The electricity in the hall is palpable. All in all it was classic Trump. 100% positive about America’s future and the back of his hand to anyone on the planet who stands in our way. Anyone who was expecting him to be rude or snide will be disappointed. Trump is slowly but surely getting better at doing some of the required chores of a politician dealing with the crowds and the cameras. But that’s enough from me. Check it out and share your thoughts. Trump is ready to move on to South Carolina and Nevada where he currently holds leads similar to what he managed in New Hampshire.

Buckle up, folks. The train has left the station and it’s heading south.