6' tall "unaccompanied minor" refugee in Sweden raises questions

Sweden has been taking it on the chin lately in terms of the Syrian “refugee” crisis, with seemingly endless headlines coming out of the socialist paradise depicting problems caused by the new arrivals. The government has been under increasing pressure to do something about it, but the genie seems to already be out of the bottle. One of the latest stories, as reported in The Daily Mail, seems to indicate that many of the “unaccompanied minors” seeking refuge there are awfully… advanced for their age.


Just how old do you think these migrant ‘children’ are? Alarming pictures of refugees – including ‘the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden’ – that shed light on a growing scandal amid Europe’s asylum crisis.

Ahmad [Farid] appears to have hair on his chin, and his powerful physique can be seen under his shirt.

The second is of Saad Alsaud, reported to have been the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden, dwarfing schoolboys and girls as they join him for a run.

He looks old enough to be the father of the children he is jogging with.

The other shows a Somalian named Youssaf Khaliif Nuur who claims he is 15 though he is 6ft tall and, according to one unconfirmed source, shaves his beard and moustache.

Here’s the speedy 14 year old SaadAlsaud now. Somebody must have really been eating their Wheaties.


But so what if some of the refugees are older than they claim to be? They’re just hoping for a fresh start in a peaceful place away from the war, right? Well… that hasn’t exactly been the experience which residents of Mölndal have encountered. The small city of roughly 63,000 inhabitants has taken in more than 4,000 Syrian asylum seekers. (For the math challenged, that’s a sudden injection of more than six percent of their population.) It hasn’t worked out very well.


Officers in Mölndal say they have had to ignore lesser offences such as drug-dealing because they are so overrun by migrant crime, with gang fights and violent assaults.

And in capital Stockholm police this week warned that the capital’s main train station was ‘overrun’ by gangs of Moroccan street children ‘stealing and groping girls’.

Swedish police revealed they have sent plain-clothes officers to monitor swimming baths in Stockholm after increased reports of sexual harassment of girls and women.

It was also claimed this week police had been forced to flee after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate a ten-year-old boy amid allegations he had been ‘raped repeatedly’ at a refugee centre.

The recent murder of 22 year old social worker Alexandra Mezher at the refugee assistance home where she worked has just put people further on edge.

Just this week, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman announced that Sweden would be expelling as many as 80,000 asylum-seekers. There are so many of them that they are having to set up special charter flights to take them back home, assuming they can find them and get them on the planes in the first place. A few weeks ago the flow of migrants into the country slowed considerably when they began tightening up the borders and requiring photo ID for those seeking to enter. They’ve also put the word out that they would be seizing some of the cash and other valuables from incoming refugees to help pay for the cost of their care. But is all of this just too little too late?


Sweden is a country of less than ten million people and they’ve already absorbed more than 100,000 people in less than two years. How in the world do you expect that to happen without a massive cultural impact and the “unintended consequences” that come along with it? While unfortunate for the residents, this is turning into an excellent laboratory for other nations to study. Unfortunately, the lessons come too late for Alexandra Mezher.


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David Strom 1:20 PM | July 18, 2024