Open thread: "No, I'll grab more guns!" The Democrat debate

Tonight there’s yet another Democrat debate, in which the party of youth and diversity pits two elderly white people against each other, along with a somewhat less elderly white guy with national name recognition only slightly higher than my dog, Fred. (Though to be fair, Fred’s tax plan is a lot more solid.) As usual, it’s on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend right after everyone finishes watching football and drinking, so I’m sure the ratings will be through the roof. (Assuming the roof is on a doghouse.) You’re all to be forgiven if you don’t want to bother sitting through it, but fear not! Your Hot Air team will watch it for you.

For those who can summon the requisite interest, join us here to play along at home. We’ll forgo Quotes of the Day tonight and just run with the fun of watching Bernie, Hillary and Martin slug it out. The candidates have been squaring off on cable news and telegraphing some of their punches in the run up to the main event, so we may has well lay out some of the groundwork.

Hillary Clinton had a rather unusual moment with Jake Tapper this morning when she was asked about her surrogates going out and demanding that Bernie Sanders release his health records. The hilarious, desperate and obvious nature of the request probably says something about where Team Hillary thinks they stand right now and Jake asked Hillary about it.

“Well, I don’t know anything about it, but I’ve released my medical records, and I remember being asked frequently for me to do so, and so obviously that’s something I’ll leave up to the Sanders campaign.”

On ABC’s This Week, they took another shot at the same question and it didn’t turn out much better.

“You know, I put out my medical records. I think you’ve been around long enough to know, George, this is all part of the expectation.”

Bernie Sanders wasn’t laying low either. He was on Face the Nation, where Dickerson interviewed him in front of some folksy fireplace setting and his answers were… confusing. I’ll give the media credit for asking Bernie some real questions now that he’s in contention in the early states, but he just keeps sounding like he’s apologizing all the time. Check it out for yourself.

On the off chance that you’re really desperate to watch this debate but aren’t near a television I’m embedding the NBC live feed via YouTube here at the bottom. I think it should fit on your mobile phone. Coverage kicks off at 8 pm eastern. Best of luck and try not to play the debate drinking game too hard if you have to work in the morning.