Progress: nearly half of 2015 California drivers licenses went to illegals

Just a quick reminder of how well things are going out on the left coast these days. The Daily Caller has dug up the DMV numbers from California and found that in 2015 there were well over half a million new drivers licenses issued to people who are in the country illegally. In some circles this passes as progress.


Almost 50 percent of all California driver’s licenses issued in 2015 went to illegal immigrants, according to recent state reports, wrapping up the first year of a state-wide program designed to provide Department of Motor Vehicle services to those without citizenship.

In total, California issued 605,000 driver’s licenses to illegals a year after the program started Jan 2, 2015, which is far more than the anticipated number, the Orange County Register reports. The program is expected to cost the state $141 million over a period of three years.

There have been 830,000 applications from illegals, based on numbers from Dec. 31, 2015.

These licenses are commonly referred to as “AB 60 licenses” because of the number of the bill which put this program into effect. California, keeping with their tradition of being a “sanctuary state” for illegals, was careful to weave a number of protections into the law to ensure that none of the illegal aliens would be deported as a result of obtaining this privilege which was previously enjoyed only by law abiding, legal residents. Under the new statute, state and local law enforcement was forbidden to use the AB 60 license to make assumptions about immigration or citizenship status.

This was seen as a great deal for the illegals, but it still presented some possible pitfalls. The ACLU went out of their way to publish warnings so that certain people could make a wise decision as to whether or not they should apply for an AB 60.


According to recent announcements from President Obama, undocumented immigrants who meet any of the following criteria should be particularly concerned that ICE may be looking for them:

Convictions for a felony, gang-related activity, three or more misdemeanor offenses, or a “serious” misdemeanor (e.g. DUIs, domestic violence assaults, being sentenced 90 days in jail).

  • The new immigration enforcement priorities are available here.
  • Reentry without inspection after January 2014.
  • Reentry after previous deportation.
  • Outstanding order of removal or prior deportation order.

It is a personal decision whether or not you should apply for a driver’s license, based on your individual situation and needs. While having an AB 60 license can protect you from being arrested for not having a license (and possibly referred to ICE), if you are in one of the categories above, you should consult with a licensed and trusted attorney before you apply for a license.

That’s some pretty amazing stuff right there, folks. The ACLU is publishing legal advice for criminals letting them know the risks inherent in a government program so they can avoid being arrested for knowingly breaking the law. Here’s another warning from the same page:

Use caution
If you obtained a California Driver’s License in your own name in the past using false information (a social security number that was not issued to you, false documents, etc.) or bought a license when you weren’t eligible for one, the DMV is likely to know about this when you apply for an AB 60 license and you could be denied an AB 60 license or get in legal trouble if the DMV decides to involve law enforcement in the situation. Consult with a licensed and trusted attorney if this is a concern.


I don’t even know what to say. But it looks like more than 600,000 people here illegally figured it was worth the risk last year, and California was more than happy to help them out.


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