Brits look at "de-gendering" their passports so as not to offend anyone

I suppose it might come as some cold comfort that we’re apparently not the only nation losing our collective minds. Over in Great Britain the “transgender” craze has hit the hallowed halls of government, with at least some of their leaders now finding that including the listing of one’s gender on minor documents like your drivers license and passport is a microagression of some sort. So there’s only one thing to do, citizens. De-gender the documents! (Mashable)

People’s gender should be removed from official documents, such as passports and driving licences, in a bid to end transgender discrimination, a Conservative member of parliament has said.

Maria Miller — chair of the new Women and Equalities Select Committee — called for the Government to “strip back” talking about gender unless it was essential. In an interview with The Times, the former cabinet minister stated that de-gendering official documents could help people transitioning who have not yet obtained a gender recognition certificate; a document that is only issued in the UK once gender reassignment surgery has taken place.

“For individuals who have decided to transition but haven’t necessarily got the right documentation, [having to officially state gender] can cause problems,” Miller told The Times.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some random crackpot off the street talking. This crackpot is an elected member of Parliament and apparently an influential figure. She went on to ask the question, Why do we need gender on our driving license? Why do we have to have it on our passport? And this brilliant argument is being offered in a nation where they’ve already had to deal with their own terror scares and have loads of immigrants (including from Syria, et. al.) trying to crash their gates on a nightly basis. Why would you want all the information possible on a passport to see if the person your are speaking to is really who they claim to be?

This is the sign of a civilization which has driven itself past the point of parody in the name of mythical social justice demands and begun to slide well and truly down the slope toward self-elimination. Here in America we’re already handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens like candy just to make the process of identifying them even harder. Now that the Brits are leading the way on this brilliant initiative, we’re sure to see somebody in Congress bring it up here by the end of the month.

It was a great country while it lasted, folks.