Hillary Clinton's video problem

I’d like to say I’m sorry that I missed the big Democrat debate in New Hampshire last night, but I’m really not sorry at all. First of all, the Jets were playing the Cowboys and they beat them in a thriller that went down to the final 30 seconds or so. But even if that weren’t the case, the debate seems to have been a frustrating mess, combining stacks of misinformation with gaffes and awkward moments. Bernie Sanders once again seemed to only make headlines for apologizing to Hillary Clinton and making her look good. For her part, the former Secretary of State trotted out some of her usual misleading talking points against a pair of flailing wannabes who aren’t ever going to get within smelling distance of the Democrat nomination.


There were some golden oldies, such as Clinton’s long debunked claim of “30,000 deaths due to gun violence every year.” (We covered that one exhaustively when she first trotted it out at the President’s request.) And of course she had to explain away her cozy ties with Wall Street. But the one thing which seems to get Clinton in more trouble than anything else is whenever the subject of videos comes up. And I’m not talking about this disturbing image:


(Where was she, anyway? Can she not be bothered to make it back to her podium on schedule?)

The actual event I’m referring to had to do with Donald Trump. (Of course.) In one of the more jaw dropping moments of the night, Clinton stared down the audience and proclaimed as fact that ISIS was showing videos of Donald Trump to aspiring radicals in an effort to recruit them.

Say what, now?

Politico was running their “Wrongometer” again and they lit into that one.

Hillary’s mystery ISIL videos

Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump “is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.” A lot of people have argued that Trump’s rhetoric has aided ISIL, from terror experts to Whoopi Goldberg. But as far as we and other outlets can tell, there’s no evidence that radical jihadists are actually showing videos of Trump as a recruitment tool. We’ve asked the Clinton campaign for any evidence they have of this and will report back what they say.


To their credit, the media actually covered this outrageous claim at length. This morning on CNN, Victor Blackwell was talking to Democrat spokesmodel Maria Cardona and actually asked if Clinton should apologize for making a claim which nobody has been able to substantiate. The Clinton apologist predictably claimed that it was the underlying message which was correct because Trump hates Muslims or whatever, but it came off sounding like the “Fake But Accurate” excuse all over again. Later in the segment, Blackwell talked to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and she repeated the same answer almost word for word, so the Democrats were apparently working overtime last night to get their talking points in order and distributed to their minions to cover this unforced error on Clinton’s part.

Maybe Clinton should just strike the word “video” from all of her comments. It seem to me that the last time she was talking about a video it had something to do with a very bad night in Benghazi. Has anyone told her that videos are real things (sometimes) and other people can actually go watch them to check out what you said?

In any event, as I already said, none of this will matter in the end. I doubt there were many people watching beyond the hard core political junkies (which is a feature, not a bug) and she’s on her way to being the nominee anyway. But hey… the Jets won, so the night wasn’t a total disaster.



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