Politinerds: Senator Tim Scott


This week on Politinerds we were honored to have a visit from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. We’d been angling to get this interview for a while, but Senator Scott has had his hands full with various corruption investigations on the Hill and the recent tragedy which sent his state into turmoil. Doug and I found him to be engaging, friendly and willing to discuss pretty much anything you toss his way.

He’s been wrestling with the problems which have given the IRS such a bad name lately, and has been working to make it easier to actually fire some of the bad actors we have working on the taxpayer dime at the agency. (This is a more monumental task than one might imagine.) He describes the problem, not only at the IRS but at many branches of the government, and what he’s trying to do about it.

We also talk about the recent shooting which took place on his home turf and how his constituents are bouncing back. Just to add a bit of spice to the interview we talk about Lindsey Graham’s debate performance and the public meetings he’s held with the various GOP presidential candidates over the last few months. We hope you enjoy the interview.

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