Despite media blackout, police make progress in Bunny Friend Park mass shooting

While the national news media works studiously to ensure that virtually nobody knows about this, law enforcement officials in New Orleans have been making progress in cracking the case of the horrific mass shooting at Bunny Friend Park last month. One youth who was originally arrested has been released because surveillance video footage confirmed that he was actually in Texas as the time of the rampage. (As his mother had originally claimed.) Another youth with a similar name has been taken into custody, however, and most of the shooters identified by authorities are now under arrest. (Fox News)

The New Orleans Police Department has announced a suspect in a park shooting that left 17 people wounded last month has surrendered to authorities.

Local news outlets report 29-year-old Michael “Mack” Allen turned himself in Tuesday night.

The announcement came just hours after Joseph “Moe” Allen, the first suspect in the shooting, was exonerated. Prosecutors decided to drop the case after video showed Allen was in Texas at the time of the shooting, which came after a neighborhood parade.

So they were looking for “Mack” Allen but originally rounded up “Moe” Allen. We all hope for 100% accuracy on the part of the police, but that’s probably a fairly excusable error. Still on the loose at this point are Wilfred “Lil Wilfred” Celestine and Quendrick “C4” Bailey. I wonder how one comes up with the nickname “C4” down in the Big Easy. I’ll just assume that the guy drinks a lot of orange juice.

If this event were being reported anywhere outside of a twenty block radius of the park we’d probably be getting all sorts of information by this point. For example, how many of the guns have been recovered? So far there only seems to be mention of one “semi-automatic handgun” which was fired from a wheelchair. But what model of gun is it? Was it purchased legally? Would any existing or proposed gun laws have stopped this tragedy? What motivated all of the shooters to embark on this rampage? These and many more questions would be examined endless on CNN, MSNBC and the editorial pages of the nation’s largest newspapers if the rest of the country were aware of the Bunny Friend Park mass shooting.

And yet… nothing. Take a look at the current Google News search results for Bunny Friend Park. Virtually all of the top hits come from (the website for the Times-Picayune) or the New Orleans Advocate. The rest of the hits are from conservative blogs. Maybe Google is just malfunctioning this morning, though. Let’s go and do a direct search at for results on “Bunny Friend Park.”


One article. ONE ARTICLE at CNN… the home of news. And it’s dated from November 23rd. I have CNN on in my den virtually all day while I work and I can tell you that I haven’t heard any mention of the place since it first happened. Just going by the numbers and the definitions which the liberal media loves to throw around, this is the third worst mass shooting of the year behind only the San Barnardino massacre and the Waco, Texas biker gang shootout in terms of the number of people struck by bullets. And yet CNN is still debating the case of Robert Lewis Dear multiple times per day when they take a break from discussing the workplace violence issues of Sayd Farook and his wife.

The silence surrounding the ongoing and still very active investigation of the third worst mass shooting in the nation this year is deafening and tells us more about the media than about the shooters or their guns. Nobody wants to talk about Bunny Friend Park because it fails to fit the media narrative and highlights some of the actual problems our country faces. But the story is right in front of our faces if anyone cared to examine it.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023