Allegations of Yale "white girls only" frat party rejected

The next entry in our semi-regular series on What the Heck is Wrong at Yale brings us back to the infamous incidents of “racism” which sparked the initial protests there this year. One of the more frequently cited complaints was that a frat party at Sigma Alpha Epsilon featured a bouncer at the front door who turned away a black, female student, saying he was looking for “white girls only” to attend. The University administrators have been digging into the charges and released their findings this week. (Fox 61)

Yale University will not discipline any students or student groups after concluding an investigation into charges of misconduct and discrimination at two recent events.

Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway announced the findings in a campus-wide email on Wednesday.

The controversy started at a Halloween party hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity when a student alleged she was turned away from the event after being told by a member that he was looking for “white girls only”.

Holloway said the investigation showed no evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color.

Well, that’s certainly not going to make anyone happy, I’m sure. What the staff is dealing with here is literally a case of “he said, she said” regarding an event which is now well in the past. Witness accounts vary, but the kids inside the party seem to have pretty much universally agreed that entry to the event was on a first come first served basis until the building was filling up. Then, as with most night clubs in any city, there was a waiting line and some jerk at the front door deciding who gets in and who doesn’t.

How do you unravel that? You could easily have had some drunk frat boy saying something offensive, but in the middle of all of these racially charged accusations you could have had an aggrieved party embellishing the details to bolster the protesters’ claims. (This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen faked or staged racist incidents on campus.) You’ve got a bunch of kids in a highly charged atmosphere mixing things up, so who knows what’s going to happen?

But where do we go from here? Are we now at the point where all the students should be required to wear body cameras similar to what we’re doing with police? For that matter, do all Americans need to be wearing a body camera each time they step foot outside their homes to ensure that they never do or say anything offensive or, conversely, to defend themselves against false accusations? Or perhaps I should horrify the Libertarians by suggesting that each and every inch of every campus be under the monitoring eyes of fixed cameras complete with high end audio recording so the record can be checked each time an accusation is brought forth.

As we prepare students for adulthood, we’ve traditionally tended to treat them like adults and expected them to monitor their own behavior. Those days are gone, however, so we’ll need a new system of conflict resolution for our special snowflakes. Failing that, the colleges will continue to essentially shut themselves down.

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