Politinerds: Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed


This week on Politinerds we invited Buzzfeed editor Andrew Kaczynski into our den to cover the top five reasons that media hype sites will eventually take over the world. Andrew is still in his mid-twenties and has risen to a position of being recognized in multiple mainstream outlets as one of the “people to watch” in both social media and political news coverage. (A fact which Doug and I pointed out as a reason to tell him to go do something anatomically impossible.)

We go over Andrew’s earlier roots, how he got into the business of researching political videos and posting them, as well as how he landed at Buzzfeed. We also dig into his thoughts on the generational differences between us old folk and the young turks when it comes to dealing with the American political landscape. His thoughts on the various ideological labels are not to be missed either. It wasn’t the most cordial interview in the Politinerds library, but it was a fun one none the less.

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