Dartmouth bars Donald Trump from their hall, then welcomes Hillary with open arms

America’s college campuses… still a hotbed of diversity and a forum for the airing of differing opinions!

Dartmouth joins the list of liberal enclaves which have made none too subtle moves to steer the conversation in the liberal direction this week. It turns out that the local College Republicans chapter had been arranging a speech by Donald Trump, but the only hall of suitable size to hold the expected crowd (Spaulding Hall) was denied to them. The reason given was that they didn’t use the big hall to promote presidential candidates from either party and none of them had been offered the hall in previous cycles. Fair enough.


But then the worm turned and did so quickly. (Daily Caller)

“They told us that candidates like Howard Dean and Barack Obama could have filled up Spaulding but were not given the opportunity to use it,” [College Republicans President Michelle] Knesbach said.

“‘Candidates never get Spaulding.’ They said that word for word,” added College Republicans vice president Charles Springer, who was also at the meeting.

Without permission to use Spaulding Auditorium, the planned Trump event for Sept. 30 was canceled and he eventually appeared elsewhere that day.

Now, less than two months later, the school has apparently changed its tune. On Tuesday, the school is hosting an event featuring Hillary Clinton in, that’s right, Spaulding Auditorium.

I’d love to act shocked, outraged or even just surprised, but it’s impossible at this point. These people are simply shameless and will tell blatant lies or change their “policies” at the drop of a hat to promote their agenda. All of the parents’ special little snowflakes will be treated to a rousing cattle call in support of Hillary Clinton, but you won’t wind up seeing any of the GOP candidates there. I’m guessing that if Bernie Sanders wanted to show up they would somehow find another exception to their rules.


But this really isn’t anything new for the campus culture at Dartmouth, at least from what they publish online. Check out the schedule of events at Spaulding and their other public event forums for the first couple months of the year. Several right out of the gate include the word “Ferguson” in the title and trust me, they’re not talking about how terrible it was the Officer Darren Wilson lost his job. And check out their big feature for the weekend of January 23rd.

*7:00 pm, Spaulding, Hopkins Center for the Arts

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It’s amazing that they actually have a College Republicans group there which hasn’t been run out of town on a rail by now.

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