Quentin Tarantino will finally answer his critics with... Chris Hayes

Is Quentin Tarantino sincere in his beliefs that cops are “murderers” and that it’s time for him to stand up and do something about it? Or is he trying to drive up ticket sales for his next movie? That may turn out to be one of those mysteries of the universe that we never get a suitable answer for but the controversy around his recent stroll through the park in New York City hasn’t died down yet. Being such a huge fan of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, I’ve been curious to hear a bit more, just in case he’s got some reasonable explanation. With that in mind, I was excited to hear last night that he would finally be ending his media blackout and going to answer for his actions to the press.

And then I found out where he was going. (Mashable)

After drawing backlash for his participation in a rally against police brutality, Quentin Tarantino is going on MSNBC to set the record straight.

The Pulp Fiction director is set to make an appearance on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes for an interview about his recent comments, which painted police officers as “murderers.”

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The network announced his appearance on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

If the discussion is focused on protests which arose from the Black Lives Matter movement and the corresponding Ferguson Effect, is Chris Hayes really your go to guy for exploring the question? Not for nothing, but we’re talking about the same MSNBC journalist who spent endless time giving nationally televised interviews to Dorian Johnson for months after the Michael Brown shooting. Here’s a trip down memory lane on that score.

As you may recall, this is the same Dorian Johnson who was already on film knocking over a convenience store with Brown shortly before he attacked the police officer who ultimately shot him. He’s also the same Dorian Johnson who had previously been convicted of lying to the police under oath on charges stemming from earlier criminal activity. Johnson further had the most to lose of anyone if the true facts of the matter were immediately brought to light. None of that dissuaded Chris Hayes from doing long walk and talks with Johnson and treating him as “The Eye Witness” with the definitive story to tell.

If Tarantino really wants to set the record straight, surely we could do better than this.

For the record, I started carping about this on Twitter when the word came out and asked why the director couldn’t go someplace where he might get at least a bit more of an unvarnished look with some follow-up questions. If he has to go on MSNBC, why not at least go on Morning Joe instead of the late night lineup? Even better, why not go on The Lead with Jake Tapper? And when I asked the latter, Tapper chimed in and said that the offer had been extended to Tarantino. No answer as of yet.