Democrats pretty upset that college groups support the Safe Campus Act

Earlier this year Matt Salmon and Pete Sessions introduced a new bill to actually do something about current questions regarding the so called “rape culture” on American college campuses. Known as the Safe Campus Act, it would seek to ensure that the critical job of law enforcement in cases of violent crime and sexual assaults on campus is handled by professionals (i.e. the police) rather than some kangaroo court composed of students and administrators. It would also reinforce the constitutionally based concept that anyone accused of a crime must have a day in court to defend themselves against potentially specious accusations. The SJW hates it of course, but Democrats are now shocked and dismayed that other groups are supporting the bill… associations of fraternities and sororities. (Huffington Post)

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) called out national fraternity and sorority groups for lobbying to support a bill that would limit college sexual assault investigations.

Taking aim at the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Panhellenic Conference, the senators held a special phone call with reporters on Thursday to declare the groups’ support of the Safe Campus Act “misguided.”

The only thing misguided going on here is the political damage that these Democrats will take if it becomes obvious that even the students don’t all fall in line with the current schemes they are pushing. So what are their big objections to the bill? Let’s let the Democrats explain.

“Keep in mind, they have only carved out this exception for sexual assault — not any of the other violent crimes,” McCaskill said. “So a young woman could be robbed at gunpoint, decide she wanted to just try to get that person off campus and go to their university … but if she was raped, she would not be able to do that unless she went to the police.”

You need to read nothing else from this elected official to realize that she’s either completely buried in the demands of the political correctness movement or she’s insane. (You can decide for yourself.) Just look at the examples she chose to highlight.

If a young college coed is robbed at gunpoint (McCaskill’s words, not mine) and she wants to see the perpetrator simply expelled from campus, she needs a lot more help than simply that offered by law enforcement. She needs serious counseling from professionals or her family. If there is someone running around campus with a gun and robbing the students, they don’t need to be expelled. They need to be in jail. And if you don’t report them to the police and allow them to investigate and apprehend the criminal, take away his gun and lock him up, you are endangering all of your fellow students. I fail to see how someone elected to the United States Senate could even utter those words aloud.

There is no difference between an armed robber and a rapist for purposes of this discussion. If your assailant is still out there and you fail to at least try to help get them locked up, it is very much your fault as well as that of the rapist if your girlfriend is the next one to be assaulted. Your dormitory RA, the student council president and the staff human resources officer are not detectives. They are not police officers. They are not in any way suited to solve crimes nor are they entitled to act as a court of law to pursue justice in such cases.

The Democrats like Gillibrand who are pushing this bill and slamming the college groups who support it are looking to win elections, not save lives or ensure justice. As long as that mindset prevails among student activist groups and our own elected officials, criminals will go free and, in some cases, the falsely accused will be punished with no recourse to their constitutional rights under the law. Instead of criticizing these student groups, perhaps you could go back and read up on the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023