Video: CNN's Chris Cuomo nails the Benghazi committee... while being wrong on everything


Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will face off with the House Benghazi committee for what is expected to be a grueling session stretching over most of the day. In preparation for this long anticipated event, CNN’s Chris Cuomo took the opportunity to interview committee member Martha Roby (R – Alabama 2) regarding what we should expect out of this Q&A session. It’s definitely a newsworthy topic which has captured the nation’s attention, but Chris might have wanted to prepare a bit more before the interview. He managed to get nearly everything wrong in his questions and seemed genuinely shocked when he failed to fish out the answers he was looking for.

First let’s go to the video so you can follow along.

Here are just a few of the premises which Cuomo fed into the interview. Let’s see how he did.

Cuomo: “But then you get to legitimate questions of well, what else are you going to learn? You’ve had the secretary, the former secretary now, for over six hours. She spoke specifically to what she knew before, during and after. She gave you answers that may not have been satisfying to you, but she gave answers. She talked to you about the threat. She talked to you about her recognition of the threat. She talked to you about her response to the threat.”

Well, that’s certainly a damning accusation. Unfortunately there are just a few details which Cuomo got wrong.

Hillary Clinton has never testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. She testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for two and a half hours in January of 2013. (Worth noting that it was controlled by Democrats at the time.) She also testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee for three hours in the same month, which was more than two years before we got any of her emails.

Here’s another golden Cuomo moment:

“[Secretary Clinton’s] been the target. You’ve had members of your party, members of this committee, say that it is about her, they were going after her, you had Kevin McCarthy bragging about bringing down her poll numbers, you had that sentiment echoed by other Republican congressmen. So it’s not just me who’s bringing up this cynicism.”

That would make a great talking point except for the fact that the only two Republicans who have said anything of the sort are not on the committee and have no direct knowledge of anything that the committee has done. But not enough? Let’s go for one more from this interview:

“These Chris Stevens emails come out. We had Lynn Westmoreland on this show and I kind of gave him a pass on this question. He said, you know, we have emails, nobody else had the emails. That’s not true. Other committees had 25,000 pages of his emails.”

In reality, Cuomo is referring to the oft repeated Democrat talking point which states that 25,000 pages of documentation had been received. These did include some emails from Stevens… six of them. Of the 7,000 plus emails from Stevens which the Select Committee now has, almost all of them were received in the last month and they’ve never had the chance to question anyone about them.

It was a good try, Chris. Next time do a little homework. Oh, and by the by… you might want to consider this recent update.

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