NFL week 6 open thread

Jazz: I’m not sure why I’m bothering to fire up this thread anymore… just stubborn old habits that die hard I guess. I sunk back to 2-4 last week despite picking mostly favorites. Even when Ed seems to be trying to toss me a game now and then he manages to come through. I’m at 13-19 so at this point I need a miracle just to get back to .500 by the end of the season. If you want to make some money this week, just pick whoever Ed does.


Ed: It’s a good thing I’m not paying much attention to football this season. How else could I go 6-0 to push my season record to 28-4? It’s so crazy that I’ve decided to light a candle for Jazz Shaw while I’m here in Rome. Pope Francis reportedly mentioned Jazz’ record in a recent homily, so perhaps the power of prayer may help.

Jazz: Take a deep breath and here we go. Ed had to mail in his picks so we’re not going for scores, just W’s and L’s. For once the Jets are the favorite to win as they welcome the Redskins to town. Washington has been awful and we now have ALL of the Sons of Anarchy back on New York’s defense. If the Jets want to be taken seriously as divisional contenders they need to be able to win this game convincingly and they will. Ed’s Steelers have seen better days, sadly, and this week they host the 4-1 Cardinals. Arizona is the favorite and I’m not going to argue with the experts here. Cardinals win. The Vikings will get back to a winning record, beating the Chiefs at home.

Ed: My picks: Redskins, Steelers, Vikings

Jazz: The last four for the week. (All times eastern)

  • Bengals at Bills (1:00 pm, CBS) – Andy Dalton has been looking great and Cincinnatti has been averaging more than 400 yards offense per week. They’ll be too much for Buffalo and win again. Bengals take it.
  • Bears at Lions (1:00 pm, FOX) – Chicago has won a couple of games they shouldn’t have, but their luck runs out this week against Matthew Stafford. The Lions steal the show.
  • Ravens at 49ers (4:25 pm, CBS) – This will probably be a spirited match between two teams which have been just dreadful. Who do you pick here? Beats me, but I’ll go with Baltimore in a low scoring festival of errors.
  • Giants at Eagles (Monday, 8:30 pm, CBS) – Philadelphia is a 4 point favorite this week, but Eli Manning has his passer rating back up over 105 and the Eagles D has looked a little suspect. I’ll take the Giants in an upset.


  • Bengals at Bills (1:00 pm, CBS) – Bengals. (Unfortunately)
  • Bears at Lions (1:00 pm, FOX) – Bears.
  • Ravens at 49ers (4:25 pm, CBS) – Ravens
  • Giants at Eagles (Monday, 8:30 pm, CBS) – Giants

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