University of Toronto unexpectedly finds problems with letting boys in the girls' showers

Like many American colleges, the University of Toronto has heard the calls for fairness across the “gender spectrum” and previously moved to a policy of having gender neutral bathrooms and shower / locker facilities on campus. Now I’m sure that most of you, just like me, think this is a brilliant plan which encourages diversity and inclusion, holding no potential hazards for the students living in our brave new world. But wonders never cease and it appears there was a fly in the ointment after all.

The University of Toronto (U of T) is temporarily changing its policy on gender-neutral bathrooms after two reports of voyeurism in a student residence.

Two women showering in Whitney Hall, a residence at U of T’s University College, reported they saw a cellphone reach over the shower-stall dividers in an attempt to record them, in two different incidents, police Const. Victor Kwong told The Toronto Star…

“The purpose of this temporary measure is to provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by these events and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single-gender washroom in the wake of these incidents.”

Who could possibly have imagined that a bunch of hormone driven, college age guys might react this way when presented with an opportunity to be standing around next to some young college women who were showering? It’s almost as if we don’t even understand the fundamental nature of the human animal. I’m shocked, I tell you. Simply gobsmacked.

But the “solution” which the university is putting in place “temporarily” doesn’t exactly appear to be iron-clad.

Melinda Scott, dean of students at University College, told campus newspaper The Varsity that some washrooms in the college’s residences will now be separated by gender for “those who identify as men and those who identify as women.”

You’re going to have facilities segregated for those who “identify as men” or “identify as women” now? Precisely what do you think you’re solving with that scheme? Have you been watching what’s been going on in some of our schools here in the United States? The girls might not want to share the shower with someone who “identifies as a woman” if they still have all the plumbing of the other gender in place. Have you considered just having bathrooms and locker rooms for males and females as identified by, you know… their bodies?

I first saw this story at The Daily Wire where they took the opportunity to give a bit of a tongue in cheek jab to the university administrators.

The Daily Wire contacted the University dean and staff members and asked them how they could be unfeeling enough to force men to use men’s washrooms and women to use women’s washrooms.

“What does the University have to say to this?” The Daily Wire demanded. “How could the University be so intolerant?”

The University defended itself, asserting that “more than 50% of the washrooms in the residence remain gender-neutral.”

Somehow I suspect that the college wasn’t getting the joke. The sad part is that this really isn’t a laughing matter. How many parents want to pony up $11,000 to $40,000 per year in tuition to send their daughter off to school only to find out that the boys are being allowed to take naughty cell phone videos of them in the shower as part of university policy? You can’t beat the forces of the Political Correctness Brigade by trying to argue common sense to them, but you might be able to do it if you stop handing them money. Pull your daughters out of these schools and start sending them to one not run by the insane.

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