Brothers and sisters, let us now read from "The Gospel of Bernie"

I was alerted to this tidbit on the political buffet table by our friend Aleister at Progressives Today and it probably defines just how silly the “silly season” can become during a presidential race. (Many of you may already know Aleister from his previous work at Legal Insurrection.) He brings to our attention a little known subset of Bernie Sanders supporters around the nation who want everyone to know that Christians should be supporting Bernie because… well, I’m not exactly sure what the connection here is suppose to be. But it definitely includes the well known Biblical tale of how Jesus wanted everyone to have free health care.

A group describing itself as ‘Christians for Bernie Sanders’ has a website devoted to twisting Christian teachings to suit Bernie Sanders’ socialist politics.

It’s possible that the people behind the site are Christians but what’s more likely is that they’re just left wing Bernie Sanders supporters who are trying to make it look like there are Christians who support Sanders.

The site is called The Gospel of Bernie.

The “Gospel of Bernie?” I was a bit skeptical, I admit, but the site is real. Here’s one of the graphics which Aleister highlights.


Quoting Matthew 10:8 is an interesting choice here and definitely a worthwhile sentiment. But trying to relate the use of the word “free” in scripture to a conversation about who pays for a government program is a bit of stretch, isn’t it? I also like the highlighting of the phrase “Good News” which ties Bernie Sanders to a common description of the gospels.

To be clear here, I remain a big supporter of Article VI and Bernie Sanders can follow whichever religion he likes (or none) just as any of his supporters may. But it’s also not unfair to note that Sanders is Jewish. He’s not just Jewish, but actually receives high marks as a supporter of Israel and policies popular with American Jews, unlike many of his Democrat colleagues. With that as context, I’m unsure how much support this sort of a campaign among his followers will generate. Being Jewish obviously doesn’t disqualify one from running for President, and is in fact largely a non-issue for most voters. But building some sort of conversion from Jews for Jesus to Christians for Bernie just looks like a swing and a miss.

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