Lorne Michaels went all in for Hillary on SNL debut

The new season of Saturday Night Live has kicked off and Lorne Michaels has left little doubt as to where his loyalties align. The special guest for this edition was none other than the Democrats’ beleaguered frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Was she there to be mocked as is so often the case with political figures? Not hardly. (Yahoo News)

Saturday Night Live firmly endorsed Hillary Clinton during its season premiere. The real Hillary introduced one of host Miley Cyrus’ musical performances. Real Hillary played a bartender pouring drinks for Kate McKinnon’s Hillary in a sketch designed to show what a good sport Hillary Clinton is. And SNL took shots both smart and silly at Bernie Sanders, the other Democratic candidates the show says no one knows, as well as slapping around Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and every Republican in sight. SNL guru Lorne Michaels went all-in for Hillary, as though the country’s life depends upon her election.

The show started off with a cold-open sketch showcasing Tara KIllam’s fine Trump impersonation, plus Cecily Strong as Trump’s wife Melania. The punchlines weren’t anything special (they boiled down to: he talks policy gibberish, but attacks Megyn Kelly all too clearly), yet Killam’s rendering of Trump was special indeed: he had the bleating voice, the pursed lower lip, and the bratty-kid frown down cold.

Normally with this kind of a lineup on SNL I would have expected the big news to be coming from Miley Cyrus in some sort of socially shocking atrocity. But the raunchy singer managed to put on an almost family friendly performance and actually kept her reproductive, mammary and bathroom bits covered up. No, the big news here was the feting of Hillary Clinton, showing her off in her best light and giving her every chance to show the nation what a real, genuine and gosh darn it lovable figure she is.

But that wasn’t her only time on screen for the weekend. She also gave an interview to the Reverend Al where she looked back at the bad old days of the 1980s. In it she summoned up a phrase which I’m pretty sure Republicans are hung out to dry for using.

Wait a minute… what did she say? (emphasis added)

Remember what we were facing in the 80s and early 90s. People of color… poor communities… lots of towns and cities including this great city of New York were under tremendous pressure because there was so much crime. Gangs were warring in the streets. Crack houses were endemic, crack babies were filling the wards of our hospitals. And so yes, we did have to take action.

I know I’ve said that phrase and written it here before, but I’m not very big on the political correctness thing. But isn’t “crack babies” a raaaaacist term on the left? Is a white, senior citizen lady supposed to be saying that? I’m not sure, but I think that’s a Bozo No-No.

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