Politinerds: Lisa Boothe on Planned Parenthood


Our guest this week on Politinerds is Lisa Boothe, Vice President at WPA Opinion Research, Republican strategist and pollster, and regular commentator on political shows. If you watch either Fox News or CNN on a regular basis you’ve seen Lisa being called out to do battle with this or that Democrat spokesperson on the various issues of the day. She’s also a staunch pro-life advocate who has been taking on liberals for the past several weeks on the subject of Planned Parenthood. (In fact, as you’ll hear during the conversation, she launches into diatribes against PP even when the question put to her has nothing to do with it.)

In addition to that she also shares some her experience from the campaign trail, having worked for several members of Congress, and provides some insight into the current state of political polling, how accurate the numbers really are and what we should realistically take from them at this stage of the race. She was a real delight to talk to and is clearly a very energized activist with values that come from a traditional, conservative upbringing in the south.

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