Memories Pizza tricked into "catering" gay wedding

I’m sure most of you recall the convoluted tale of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. The local media, frustrated by their failure to find any actual wedding catering outfits who would refuse to service a gay wedding, began calling around to every business in the state which served food of any kind until they finally found a person answering the phone at a mom and pop pizza joint who said they would be “uncomfortable” doing so. That opened the flood gates for the SJW, who attempted to shut down their business, only to be thwarted when supporters across the nation raised nearly a million dollars for the owners. Well, you didn’t think the story was just going to end there, did you?

One gay couple decided to really stick it to the pizza shop and strike a blow for whatever progressive cause they thought they were supporting. (Patheos)

I bring that up because the company just catered a gay wedding (without their knowledge).

Robin Trevino and his husband had a wedding ceremony in Illinois in 2008, before their marriage was technically legal in the state. (They got an official license in Iowa the following year, though they didn’t get a chance to celebrate the occasion with friends and family.)

Because a comedy troupe Robin works with was going to do a show focused on Indiana, he figured it might be a good time to renew his vows. And you can’t do that without some food…

What an amazing trick! And what a huge victory for the gay marriage movement to boot! Mr. Trevino bravely walked into Memories Pizza and got them to cave to the tides of history and cater his gay wedding. It’s a glorious day, citizens. Except… that’s pretty much exactly the opposite of what happened.

The representative of the “comedy troupe” (in one of the least funny videos to ever hit the web) actually films his undercover mission as if it is fraught with peril. Then he’s shown going into the pizza shop where the extent of his entire conversation with the staff is to ask if he can get “two large pizzas for take out.” He then pays for the pizzas and leaves.

Congratulations. You tricked a pizza store into selling you two pizzas. James Bond must be turning green with envy.

Not only did he not get the shop to compromise their beliefs in any way, he actually helped them out by increasing their business and profit margin. Well done, sir! You’ve truly made a stand for the gay rights movement.

Leaving aside the epic fail nature of this “trick” for a moment, the tasteless display by Trevino does serve the purpose of reinforcing what this entire movement is about. It has nothing to do with the legality of gay marriage or any issues of equality. Trevino was apparently able to get married with no difficulty originally. (This wasn’t even their marriage. It was a “renewal of vows.”) And as the local media discovered, had Trevino wanted the ceremony catered there was no lack of actual wedding catering services who would have been thrilled to take his money and provide services. In fact, to repeat the circumstances, nobody has found a single caterer in the area who would turn them down.

What this was about – and what all of these individual, media touted cases are about – was an effort to force their choices down the throats of others who may have religious objections to participating in the ceremony. It’s not good enough to have the same rights as anyone else… you have to make everyone else care too. Trevino represents the typical case of an activist who is far less concerned about securing equal rights for himself than with taking away the rights of others who fail their political correctness test.

Oh, and your “wedding” guests wound up being treated to pizza as the main course. That’s certainly impressive. Were the out of town guests put up for the night at the local KOA campsite? No expense spared!

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