Yep. Hillary Clinton was very involved in Huma Abedin's job at State

You may recall earlier this month when we talked about Huma Abedin’s payroll issues during her time at State and then later as a “Special Government Employee” (SGE) working off site for a major Clinton Foundation donor. The fact that the woman never took a sick day or vacation day, even when giving birth, was rather amazing to begin with. But in her SGE position she racked up more billable hours in six months than you’re allowed to bill in an entire year. When Clinton was asked about it during one of her rare interviews she said, “Well, I was not directly involved in that, but everything that she did was approved under the rules as they existed by the State Department.”

Well, so long as you weren’t directly involved in that I suppose there’s no problem. After all, it’s a massive bureaucracy and and you can’t expect a cabinet member to personally supervise ever Human Resources action that takes place, now can we? Or can we? (Politico)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greenlighted paperwork that changed her top aide Huma Abedin’s job status to “special government employee” — a classification that allowed Abedin to work for an outside consulting firm and the Clinton Foundation at the same time she was advising Clinton at State.

According to documents obtained by conservative group Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Clinton was the immediate supervisor who approved the title change that came with the new post on March 23, 2012, permitting her then-deputy chief of staff to work several jobs at once.

The whole idea that this was just something that happened at the State Department with some employee has been laughable from the beginning. Abedin has been joined at the hip to Clinton for the past seventeen years, beginning when she was still in college but managed to land a position working in the White House for the then First Lady in 1996. Most of the interesting emails to come off of Hillary’s server so far were all electronic conversations between the two of them where Huma demonstrates that she essentially controlled Clinton’s calendar and access to the State Department. There wasn’t going to be a special sweetheart deal cut for her to go work for a powerful Clinton Foundation donor without Hillary knowing about it.

To add insult to injury, the documents obtained by Judicial Watch have Clinton’s name typed on them, but she can apparently try to point to the fact that we can’t (yet) prove she signed in the block where her name was assigned. (Emphasis added)

The document states the following: “I certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this person… and the position is necessary to carry out government functions for which I am responsible,” the form reads in a box labelled “supervisory certification.”

“Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State,” reads the name in that box.

The signature, however, has been blanked out by the State Department.

I’m sorry, but… what? Who turns over an entire document with all of the pertinent information included and then redacts the signature? Is that just standard practice there to avoid having someone forge her name? Smooth move in many cases I suppose but you only need fifteen seconds and access to Google to come up with a multitude of examples of Clinton’s John Hancock.

Either way, this is only one more brick in a very large wall of flat out lies. The fish rots from the head down and in this case it’s the head of the State Department.

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