Hillary is ready to fight the war on drugs... in Mexico

Regarding the moment when I first saw the title of the article, Hillary Clinton Willing to Cross Border to Combat Heroin, I have a confession to make. My first thought was, send us a postcard and be sure to wear some body armor. I mean, why not? She still looks pretty scrappy for her age, and if she managed to take out a few cartel operatives then at least she’d have something to point to as an accomplishment as she runs for president. Sadly, that’s not really what she meant at all. (ABC News)

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said that she would take the fight against heroin beyond America’s borders if need be, according to an exclusive interview with ABC News affiliate WMUR.

Substance abuse has become a mainstay during Clinton’s campaign. When confronted by WMUR’s Josh McElveen at an event earlier today about soaring heroin usage in the Granite State, Clinton suggested turning the war on drugs to the Southern border.
“I think you have to,” responded Clinton. “This has to be a comprehensive strategy. And we know that this cheap heroin that is killing so many people is coming across our border.”

According to the White House, Mexico is the “primary supplier of heroin to the United States” and “cultivation in Mexico remains high.”

I really didn’t expect the “war on drugs” to rear its head as a major campaign issue this cycle and I’m not entirely sure it will, no matter how much Hillary talks about it. What we’re likely seeing is her attempt to show her concern for the SJW forces making the case that too many blacks and Latinos are in jail for drug charges and the fact that our jails are full. (Valid points of discussion, by the way.)

I’ve gone back and forth over the years in terms of my attitude towards the drug wars. I’ve seen first hand the wreckage that drug abuse can cause for people, their families and society at large. By the same token, I still hold on to some libertarian views which identify it largely as a victimless crime, at least until you consider the secondary effects. Drug addicts are far more likely to turn to other forms of crime to support their habit and their health problems inevitably overburden emergency rooms and the healthcare system with costs that are never recovered in too many cases. Yes… it’s a mess all the way around.

But how do you combat it? Much like the illegal immigration system, it would be ideal to stop the flow of drugs into the country by significantly reducing the demand. As the market evaporates, the flow decreases… simple Capitalism 101. But how do you reduce the demand? Legalization does it for the most part, but then you’ve still got the aforementioned host of other problems to deal with. Beats me, really.

But back to Hillary for a moment, what exactly is she proposing here? How do you plan to cut down on the flow of heroin into the country from Mexico when you’re not even serious about cutting down on the flow of human beings? Will you be sending troops into Mexico to take on the cartels? Good luck with that. Or perhaps you’re thinking of working with the Mexican government to inspire them to get rid of them. That would be an awesome idea if the cartels didn’t seem to be running many of the regional government entities themselves.

These are some lovely talking points about a very real problem, but I’ve yet to hear a serious proposal from Clinton as to what she’d actually do about it. Maybe it’s time for the former First Lady to strap up and head down there after all. While she’s there maybe she could put El Chapo back behind bars.

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