Politinerds: Jim Geraghty


This week on Politinerds we welcome Jim Geraghty of National Review fame, along with being a regular feature on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. And let’s just get the big news out of the way up front…



Okay… not really. But Jim does come out and say something which isn’t frequently spoken aloud yet. Rather than yet another person speculating as to how, when or why Trump will drop out, Geraghty admits that he may very well be the Republican nominee. (It’s okay, Jim… you have to take baby steps when you come over to the dark side.) We also cover Ben Carson and the Autumn of Pataki. But before that, Jim tells us a bit about his path which led him into journalism, as well as offering some tips for aspiring writers as to how one gets a job writing for a place like National Review. Jim is always a great interview and this was a fun one.

While we’re on the subject, Jim’s latest book, The Weed Agency, is still on sale. I can personally endorse that one for you. It’s a great read.

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