Emails reveal that Hillary Clinton helped out a for profit school that paid Bill millions

More emerging Hillary email news from the Good Work if You Can Get It department.

Among the latest batch of emails to be released we find Hillary Clinton getting right to work shortly after she took her seat at the State Department. The “work” in this case was to immediately start doing favors for friends, arranging a seat at a prestigious dinner for a for profit education company. And through what I can only imagine is a remarkable coincidence with absolutely no causal relationship between the two events, her husband landed a position with them shortly thereafter which paid off in a very big way. (Daily Caller)

New emails released from Hillary Clinton’s email server reveal that while she was secretary of state, Clinton did a favor for a for-profit education company that later paid her husband more than $16 million.

In 2009, just a few months after Hillary took over at the Department of State, she was involved in planning a private dinner on education policy that featured herself, several State Department staff, and about a dozen individuals involved with higher education…

A second email shows that Clinton’s wish was carried out, as Laureate Senior Vice President Joseph Duffey was one of 20 guests at the Aug. 17 dinner. Laureate wasn’t the only school to be invited due to Clinton. Methodist-run Africa University had a representative at the dinner after Clinton proposed it (Clinton is a United Methodist)…

Just a few months later, in spring 2010, Bill Clinton was named as Laureate’s honorary chancellor, a post he held until stepping down in April 2015. His pay at the time wasn’t disclosed, but in July, Hillary’s publication of her tax returns revealed that Bill was paid over $16.5 million by Laureate from 2010 through 2015.

Landing a position as an “honorary chancellor” doesn’t generally entail a lot of back breaking work or even showing up for the most part. Institutions such as that love having big, high profile names on their roster and are willing to lay out some big bucks to get those names on their letterhead. Nothing illegal about that. And there really doesn’t seem to be anything technically illegal about Hillary “suggesting” that the organization be invited to a private dinner. Of course, when you pair the two together it certainly has the odor of some quid pro quo going on. And let’s also remember that this wasn’t an arrangement which was driving donations to the Clinton Foundation’s charitable causes… this was a paycheck going right into Bill and Hillary’s personal bank account.

There’s an added element of hypocrisy to this story, though. You’ll notice that the group in question is a for profit educational institute. Doing favors for them and cashing in to the tune of millions of dollars seems to be a bit out of sync with her rhetoric on the campaign trail where she promised to crack down on just such companies. (Washington Times, from earlier this year)

On Monday, Mrs. Clinton said if elected president she would get tough on federal aid that flows to those kinds of for-profit institutions, strengthening the “gainful employer rules” that requires schools to adequately prepare students for the workforce.

“There are students who take out loans to pay for an expensive degree from a for-profit institution — only to find little support once they actually enroll, or they graduate and discover that, when it comes to finding a job, their degree isn’t worth what they thought,” Mrs. Clinton said in a message posted on

To be fair, if she hates for profit educational organizations that much, maybe bleeding them for tens of millions of dollars is a good way to put them out of business. No? Well, come on… I’m trying to help her out with an excuse here. The fact is that the unions and other big liberal interest groups have to prop up public education and absolutely hate for profit schools, so Clinton has to sing their tune in public. Clearly what she does in private is something else entirely.

The bottom line is that this story once again fails to deliver any sort of definitive smoking gun. But at the same time it demonstrates how the gravitational pull of the huge piles of money which amassed at both the Clinton Foundation and in the couple’s personal coffers led to all sorts of complications. There is, if nothing else, at least the appearance of impropriety and some pay to play activity taking place here. It’s just more of the drip, drip, drip. But will this rancid bathtub ever fill up to the point where it finally overflows?

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