Video: Flag burners "dispersed" by veterans, bikers

Since many of you are probably enjoying a long weekend as we recognize the nation’s birthday, let’s start things off today with an uplifting, patriotic story. What are your holiday plans? Perhaps you’re putting up Old Glory, going to a parade or just having a cookout. Whatever it may be, it’s likely different than the agenda of a New York group called Disarm NYPD who decided to go to a public park and burn some flags, both American and Confederate. And it might have worked, too, had they not run into a group of veterans and bikers who took a dim view of their little cookout. (CBS New York)

A group made good on a plan to burn at least one American flag during a protest in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night. But dozens of opponents of the protest stepped in and prompted the protesters to scatter.

The group Disarm NYPD announced that it would burn both American and Confederate flags at the protest, and called them both objectionable symbols.

“We maintain, unwaveringly, that both the Confederate flag, and the American flag are symbols of oppression,” the group said.

The group was protesting the Charleston shooting or the New York police or… something. In any event, they were in the mood to burn some flags, but their “massive protest” which was supposed to attract a thousand people actually only turned up about a dozen anarchists. Conversely, a considerably larger number of fans of the flag showed up, prompting them to take their little fire show up the hill and out of sight. Still, the smoke from the burning flag attracted attention and their activities were broken up.

Raw Story has several videos of the events along with comments from the counter-protesters.

The protesters were a diverse group and included one young lady (appearing in the next video below) who called the flag protectors “imperialist ***holes” for some reason. She actually seems rather confused about why she was there, but certainly wanted her voice heard. Here’s a quick picture.


Not for nothing, but I frequently wonder about the young girls who show up at these protests. This one certainly seems to be a clean cut, healthy, well dressed young lady. In short, she really doesn’t look like part of the downtrodden masses suffering under the yoke of opression. In fact, it sounds like she’s been enjoying the benefits of living under Old Glory quite a bit. And yet she’s on a tirade just like the Cop Killer Fan Girl we saw protesting in New York City last fall.

Here’s the young lady in question being “corrected” by a few veterans.

Go home, kids. It’s the Fourth of July. Give your parents a hug, calm down and try to remember just how good you have it and just how bad things could be if those “terrible” cops weren’t out there defending you 24/7. And stop burning the flag. You’re embarrassing yourselves and your entire city.