Axelrod knew nothing about that secret Hillary email server he was sending mail to

Drip, drip, drip.

Another batch of Hillary Clinton emails went public yesterday and there will no doubt be plenty of stories coming out of them. (Not that anyone will notice, I’m sure.) But the Daily Caller noticed one particular set which have nothing to do with Benghazi or any other sensitive issues, and yet may give a peek into how much honesty and transparency we can expect from not only the former Secretary of State, but her former staffers and media allies as well. These were short notes sent back and forth between Clinton and David Axelrod.

Emails released Tuesday by the State Department show that former W.H. advisor David Axelrod knew Hillary Clinton had a private account despite recent claims.

According to the latest batch, two email chains show Axelrod did indeed correspond with the then-secretary of state — once in June, 2009 and again in July, 2009.

The emails contradict recent comments by Axelrod to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, in which he said he would have “asked a few questions” and shared his “concerns” had he known about Clinton’s private email account and server. (RELATED: Axelrod: I’d Have ‘Asked A Few Questions’ If I Knew About Hillary’s Private Server)

Axelrod made the statements in a June 17 appearance after former White House chief of staff Bill Daley told “Meet The Press” that he didn’t know anything about Clinton’s private email during his time in the White House.

If this isn’t a smoking gun it’s at least a bit of gunshot residue. When the Morning Joe crew asked Axelrod what he’d have done if he knew Hillary was using a private server he responded by saying he might have asked a few questions. So does this prove that he was flat out lying? I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, so I suppose it’s possible that this could have been a case of simply not paying attention. The first couple of emails between them have to do with sending Clinton some get well wishes after she was injured and something to do with Ernie Banks.

Is it possible that he was just responding and not paying attention to the specific address being used? I’ll confess that I manage my own rather extensive contact list both on my phone and my laptop through a list function which just delivers up people by name. For the vast majority of them I couldn’t tell you without looking whether they use gmail or Yahoo or their own domain. Could that be Axelrod’s out on this?

Possibly, but as Daily Caller reports, that last one in the group deals specifically with Axelrod asking for her email address.


If Axelrod is asking the staff for the email and Hillary is giving permission for him to get it, presumably he received it and had to add it to his address book. Wouldn’t that rather odd looking “H” ([email protected]) stick out like a sore thumb? Again… I suppose it’s possible that he simply hit an “Add to Contacts” button and didn’t notice it, but that seems like a stretch.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, there’ something else curious here. Where did that new email address come from? We now have both [email protected] and [email protected] How many more of these are there?

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