Donald Trump is really sort of in it, right?

Donald Trump has, if nothing else, one of the key attributes that’s essentially a requirement for running for the presidency: he’s an extrovert. The man clearly has a love of the limelight and the one subject he never tires of is himself. That comes as a striking contrast to Jeb Bush, who recently told a reporter that he’s something of an introvert. It was a curious statement which seems to paint him as the Bush clan member who had to be reluctantly dragged onto the national stage, as opposed to his father and brother who charged out there trumpets blaring. It’s difficult to imagine a true introvert being the one person out of a country of hundreds of millions to stand up and declare that they are the person best fit to lead.

Trump doesn’t have any such issues. And today he is set to take at least one step in the direction of what looks like an announcement. He’s going to be doing an allegedly full disclosure of his financial assets, claimed to be in the nine billion dollar range. And this is rumored to be only part of what may be an official entry into the race.

But Trump isn’t likely to try and shy away from the out-of-reach luxury and opulence that makes up his day-to-day lifestyle.

Instead, he’ll flaunt his wealth and success in business as a centerpiece of his presidential platform. And on Tuesday he will disclose his financial assets, trumpeting a whopping $9 billion net worth, according to the Washington Post. Trump’s net worth was previously estimated at roughly $4 billion.

The Trump Tower certainly won’t disappoint in embodying that astronomical financial success, but the structure that was also home to the famous boardroom featured in “The Apprentice” television shows will also crystallize the challenge Trump faces as he looks to win over voters.

Many Americans now view him primarily as a reality TV star after 14 seasons of his “Apprentice” series, and his numerous flirtations with a presidential run — first in 1987, then 1999 and again in 2004 and most recently in 2011 — have left voters eye-rolling as he prompted yet another round of will-he or won’t-he speculation.

Being a financial success is Trump’s calling card and, in reality, his only claim to credentials if he’s seriously thinking about running. But even there people have raised questions. There were persistent rumors, as recently as ten years ago, that Trump was frequently dead broke, if not massively in debt, and had to be bailed out by his family. He denies those claims, though. Perhaps by doing a document dump this week The Donald is looking to dispel such talk and move on into campaign mode.

Count me as dubious. Even if he makes an official announcement, what does that even mean? Yes, he’s hired some staffers in early primary states, but he also came close to hiring Ozzy Osbourne’s wife if I recall correctly. Trump loves a good show, and from now until next summer, this race is the biggest show in the nation, with decent ratings around much of the rest of the world to boot.

Is the country seriously going to consider hiring this guy to be the leader of the free world? I would scoff at the idea, except for the fact that we should all remember… in 2011 Trump was actually a poll leader in the GOP primary without even actually declaring a run. It is to shudder. I simply can’t take this guy seriously as a potential president, but it alarms me that so many other people apparently can.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on May 27, 2023