Politinerds: Andrew Malcolm, Part 3


It’s part 3 of the ongoing interview by Doug and I with journalism legend and IBD editorial writer Andrew Malcolm and he’s dishing some dirt with a special appearance by Rahm Emanuel. Regular readers are familiar with Andrew and know that he’s one of the last of the old school breed of journalists who practiced the trade when it had considerable clout and honor. This session covers the post-Vietnam War era when Andrew was the NY Times bureau chief in Japan. The corruption he encountered there is shocking, but not as surprising as when he had to cover the eruption of a volcano on the scene as it happened. After that, he moved to work for the Times in Canada, where many reporters’ careers go to die. Not Andrew, though. He ran into some interesting people.

Finally, we move on to his time working the Chicago beat for the Times. He tells us about knowing Rahm Emanuel when he was still just a “young punk” who used to come pitch him stories in exchange for a free lunch on Andrew’s dime. It’s a fascinating look at more of a real journalist’s career spanning five decades.

Our first segment with Andrew is here.
Part two (mostly Vietnam) is here.

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