Politinerds: Jonathan Capehart


This week we interview another media figure and do a bit of sparring over political ideology. Our guest is Washington Post editorial staff writer and MSNBC / NBC News host Jonathan Capehart. He’s from Jersey and tells us a bit about his upbringing in Newark and his path through college and into the news industry. Unlike some of our other guests, Jonathan is an unabashed liberal with some long held progressive points of view. (Though he somehow wound up being a fan of Bob Dole.)

We get into how Jonathan wound up on the left side of the political tracks, mentioning to him that many conservatives “are just liberals who either got mugged or started a business.” We discuss why it is that the GOP doesn’t seem to manage much better than seven to nine percent of the black vote in presidential elections and he offers his theories on that, while I wind up disagreeing.

For all we may disagree on, Jonathan was a fun and gracious guest and I enjoyed speaking with him. If nothing else, you may find it an interesting look into the mind of someone with extremely different views than your average Hot Air reader.

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