"Women only" Hillary event forced to admit men after poor turnout

What do you do if you throw a big party but nobody shows up? That wasn’t quite the case for Hillary Clinton this week, but it was close. It seems that one of her high profile, Big Apple supporters set up a private, “women only” event where the ladies would get some one on one face time with the presumptive Democrat nominee for the bargain basement price of only $2,700. Sadly, as the deadline approached, it became clear that not enough of Gotham’s ladies were up for the trip.

Hillary Clinton had trouble attracting high-powered women to a New York talk hosted by Silda Wall Spitzer two weeks before her campaign officially kicks off. Sources said that after ticket sales fizzled for an intimate, $2,700-per-person, “just for women” meeting on Monday, the event was thrown open to men at the 11th hour, and the deadline extended to buy tickets.

The “Conversation With Hillary Clinton” event at Midtown law firm Akin Gump was originally aiming to attract 125 women. An email invitation seen by Page Six said the event is “just for women.” But by Friday, “They’d only sold 50 tickets, so they threw it open to men,” a source said. “Ticket sales were supposed to close at 10 a.m. Sunday, but the hostesses were working the phones and pushed the deadline till Monday.”

If you can’t attract 125 wealthy liberals in Manhattan on a few days notice, something is going seriously wrong. But let’s look at who was doing the organizing and how it was structured. First of all, the shindig was being hosted by Silda Spitzer. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because she was the wife of Client Number Nine during his brief governorship. She stood by her man after the press noticed his unusual credit card bills with, um… a different group of ladies, but shortly thereafter she gave him the boot and cashed in for more than seven million dollars on the divorce. (And good for her, by the way. It’s just too bad she couldn’t have summoned up that sort of character when her husband was holding those initial press conferences.)

Hillary generally attracts all sorts of female star power, whether it’s socialites like Spitzer or the casts of TV shows like Sex and the City or Girls. Is her liberal base of support actually beginning to crater along with her poll numbers? This event should have been a walk in the park for her but they couldn’t sell out the tickets even with an extended deadline. That’s in no way conclusive of anything, but it certainly looks bad. Plus, the inevitable first female president is supposed to have the women of the nation simply fluttering with anticipation. A “women only” event is sort of insulting, but if anyone can get away with it and escape media criticism, it’s Hillary Clinton. Having to allow a bunch of testosterone laden men into the room must have really stung.

Still, it’s being reported that she managed to sell 90 seats. The event was scheduled to start at noon and, copying her old boss in the White House, Hillary managed to show up at one o’clock. She stayed for all of one hour and cashed in for just shy of a quarter million dollars. That’s still a pretty good payday for not a lot of work. But just imagine how fast it would have sold out if she’d invited Elizabeth Warren to speak for her instead. Naw… somehow I think that would be a bit too much of a blow to her ego.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on June 07, 2023