Politinerds: Bill Karins


Our guest this week on Politinerds is probably already familiar to you if your normal news consumption includes either NBC, CNBC, MSNBC or The Weather Channel. Bill Karins is their chief meteorologist, but he mixes things up sometimes in politics and popular culture when he guest hosts on Way Too Early. But let’s get the inevitable question out of the way. Being a scientist who has studied such matters all his life, does Bill get into the global warming question? Why yes he does. And you might be surprised by at least some of his conclusions.

But before we dive into that we learn a bit about Bill’s history, including the many places where he’s worked. Oh… and you know that poor schmuck that the news stations always send out on the beach when the hurricane is blowing in or out to stand in the path of the approaching tornado just to get the exciting camera shot? Yep. Bill has been that guy, both for hurricanes and tornadoes. He tells us what that was like, as well as how he started reporting on the weather in second grade.

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Duane Patterson 2:01 PM on June 05, 2023