Hey, let's create a national database of gun owners!

There’s one refrain which the Democrat choir always breaks out whenever they propose new gun restrictions: Oh, we’re not trying to establish some national registry of gun owners. Perish the thought! But when you look under the covers of these various proposals, they all seem to come suspiciously close to doing just that. (Not that we’re suggesting anything here, mind you. Perish the thought.) And yet that same discussion has arisen once again now that Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has resurrected the prospect of “closing loopholes” at gun shows. Funny how that works, eh? (From The Hill)

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday reintroduced the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act, a bill long championed by former Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.),.

The bill would subject anyone selling or transferring a gun to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and require that transfers be reported to the attorney general.

Maloney said a background check is required when a Federal Firearm Licensee wants to sell firearms at a gun show, but no such requirement exists for private sales.

At Bearing Arms, Bob Owens connects the dots.

Maloney claims her bill would specifically target the individual seller… but it does so in ways that she’d rather hide.

You’ll note that the “Let’s Build An Illegal Database Of Gun Owners Bill” (which is what Maloney’s legislation should really be called) would require that the transfer of private property from one individual to another be reported to one of the most politicized and abused offices in the executive branch, the Attorney General.

What exactly do you think the Attorney General is going to do with that information? The AG is going to collect, compile, and begin transforming those records into a “Who’s Who” of gun owners, which is database that would send chills down the backs of the Founding Fathers, for there is no other reason that a government needs this information, than to use it against the citizenry.

Consider how easy it is for the states with restrictive, anti-gun laws to assemble such data. In New York, it was recently revealed through a Freedom of Information request that the state government had assembled a list of more than 38K people who were “at risk” for owning guns because they had received mental health care. (Though not having been accused of any crime in most cases.) The newspaper which uncovered the story was then able to compare that to a list of pistol permit holders in the state and came up with a few hundred matches. Where did they get that second list?

At some point the Democrats need to simply come clean and admit that even state by state lists of gun owners are either showing up or will eventually show up in the the hands of the federal government. This is not a bug in the system… it’s a feature. And continuing to deny it turns a very important constitutional rights discussion into a clown show.