Sharpton daughter warned not to delete pics of her "severely injured" mountain climbing

Not too long ago we discussed the tragic story of Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique, who was suffering from grievous and likely lifelong pain and suffering after slipping and er… twisting her ankle on a public sidewalk. So terrible was this injury and so far reaching its consequences, Dominique is seeking millions of dollars in damages from the city. Her case, however, has already been called into question because of the numerous photos she posts on social media which show her engaged in various activities of a vigorous nature, up to and including mountain climbing. Considering the claims being made on the part of the victim, that doesn’t bode well for the case. But just to make sure the new evidence doesn’t disappear down the memory hole, the city’s lawyers have warned Ms. Sharpton not to start cleaning out her Instagram account.

City lawyers warned Dominique Sharpton not to delete Instagram photos like this one atop an Indonesian mountain — where she trekked while claiming in a lawsuit that she has “permanent” ­injuries.

The city Law Department sent Rev. Al’s daughter a letter telling her to preserve all of the damning evidence that she posted on her ­social-media accounts.

The warning comes after The Post revealed that Dominique Sharpton has been globe-trotting despite her May 7 suit that says she will never fully recover from a sprained ankle she suffered on an uneven Soho street…

“The purpose of this letter is to demand that plaintiff preserve any photographs, documents, communications and any other information, both tangible and electronically stored, potentially relevant to her alleged trip and fall on Dec. 23, 2014,” de Blasio administration lawyer Michele Fox wrote in a May 20 letter filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Just to be clear, there are some actually injured people who accomplish amazing things every single day. Charlie Linville left for Kathmandu, Nepal last month for his second attempt at climbing Mount Everest. It’s an inspiring story which I think everyone should read and he can serve as an inspiration to all of us. Of course, the circumstances which led Charlie to face his challenges were slightly different than Al Sharpton’s daughter since he had a leg and some other bits blown off while the Marine was serving in Afghanistan. But I’m sure Dominique Sharpton can relate, having… tripped on a piece of paving stone on the sidewalk.

I realize that a lot of crazy things happen in our courts when people seek damages, but at least one attorney has issued a warning that this may be a bridge too far even for liberal New York, and Dominique may not get the payday she is seeking.

Manhattan attorney David Jaroslawicz, who is not involved in the case, said Sharpton may see no more than $5,000 if her case goes to trial because she broke a cardinal rule for personal-injury plaintiffs: “Stay off Instagram!”

Exit question: If the Sharptons came and offered to settle out of court for five grand, should the city give it to her just to make this go away?