Politinerds: Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson - End of Discussion


This week on Politinerds we’ve got one for the home team. Doug and I are joined by Hot Air regulars Mary Katharine Ham (a.k.a Don’t Hurt ’em MK Hammer) and Guy Benson. They are discussing their new book, End of Discussion, coming out soon and available for pre-order now. We get down and dirty with a panel discussion about how the Left is very good at getting their point across, regardless of the validity of the “point” in question, but are even better at making sure that dissenting ideas are demonized and free speech is shut down unless it’s going in the correct direction. For you aspiring authors out there, they share some of the secrets of working together on a collaborative project of this size and bringing your finished product to market.

A fun time is had by all, so join in and submit any questions you may have for them in the comments. They’ll be checking in.

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