Don't worry, Mr. Stephanopoulos, somebody will still talk to you

MK Hammer covered the big “oops” news last night when we found that ABC News spokesmodel George Stephanopoulos first forgot donating $50K to the Clintons, and then forgot that it was actually $75K. (It’s amazing that somebody with these sorts of long term memory issues can hold down that job. They must have one heck of a teleprompter.) ABC has said that his varying apologies all pass muster and he won’t need to step down, face a suspension or any other sort of investigation. We’re all one big happy family!

Unfortunately for Stephanopoulos, not everyone is in such a forgiving mood. As we covered earlier, Mike Lee said he wouldn’t set foot on ABC turf until Generous George recused himself from any debates. (He has since done so, leaving the door open for Lee.) Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, is blasting the news host for a massive breach of ethical standards. The RNC Chairman is insisting that George was never going to moderate our debates anyway. Oh, and Rand Paul isn’t interested in speaking to Stephanopoulos either.

You have to wonder if George isn’t getting lonely at this point. But there are at least a few people who will speak to him. I received a note from the staff for presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. From the sound of it, she’ll still talk him, but it sounds like things might be a bit more, er… candid than Stephanopoulos is used to.

Carly does interviews with Hillary apologists pretty often as you can see from our press coverage. So we’ll leave it to ABC to decide whether their viewers can still trust that George is telling them everything they need to know when it comes to his 2016 coverage or just the things that are about to leak in the conservative press.

Quick translation: Why yes, ABC. We’ll talk to your Hillary apologist. And who knows? A couple of viewers might actually listen!

Perhaps the biggest story buried in all of this is how fast ABC accepted George’s apology and said they were all just getting on with their lives. The Clinton Foundation donation story was not just a big one, but one which Stephanopoulos covered himself. His comments to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show are currently raising quite a few eyebrows.

MSNBC suspended Joe Scarborough for tossing $500 to his brother-in-law’s local race, along with a couple other friends and relatives without filling out the usual disclosure forms. In fact, they suspended Olberman for the same thing. And we all saw what happened to NBC’s Brian Williams just for spinning a few tales about his exploits. Has anyone at ABC stopped to ask themselves what the state of affairs is when they can’t meet the bar for journalistic standards set by MSNBC?