Hollywood elite not terribly interested in conserving water during drought

Any time there’s a debate where the liberal, social agenda is pitted against conservative values, Hollywood’s glitterati are quick to line up on the side of the former and use their star studded platforms to lecture the rest of us on our responsibilities, particularly as it applies to saving the planet. Carbon emissions, ethanol, solar, wind, pollution… you name it. These folks are always quick to step down from the silver screen and set you straight on all the things you’re doing wrong. Until, that is, the subject turns to the drought currently gripping Tinsel Town and the surrounding lands. Everyone is supposed to be tightening their belts when it comes to water use, but the denizens of the red carpet just don’t seem to be on board with conservation measures.


The New York Post summarizes the attitudes of these eco-warrior scolds with the perfect headline: Let them drink dust!

“Let them drink dust!”

As these aerial photos from The Post prove, Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez continue to suck up water to keep their gardens fresh and lawns green, while Southern California withers from a devastating drought.

Experts predict California reservoirs have less than a year’s worth of drinking water left. An emergency law passed last week forces local cities to conserve water immediately. The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, which supplies many of these elite enclaves north of Los Angeles, will have four weeks starting next month to cut water use by a staggering 36 percent. But the mandate is toothless, with the maximum fine a paltry $100.

You know, it’s difficult to imagine how somebody living in a home that costs upwards of $50M could possibly ignore a one hundred dollar fine. People just don’t make sense sometimes.

In the case of this story, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. Click through to the newspaper’s website and check out the many photos from John Chapple. A quick look through them will probably have most of Hollywood’s A-list pushing for a ban on drones by the morning. I’d like to touch on a couple of them here, though.


First off there are the Kardashians. What is there left to say about them? Kim and Kanye have become household names around the world and they are never shy about dipping a toe into politics. Ms. Kardashian keeps hinting around that she has sympathetic feelings for the GOP, but when the time came to put her money where her mouth is she was busy hosting one of the biggest DNCC parties of the year. She’s all about the environment and going green. Well… at least half of that is true. Look how green her mansion grounds are.

We also get to hear from Jennifer Lopez. (I believe you hip, young kids call her J-Lo.) She was out there hosting fundraisers and cutting advertisements for Barack Obama in 2012 as he was banging the drum over stopping global warming. Yet her house looks suspiciously lush compared to all of her water starved neighbors.


There are plenty more at the NY Post article, including some of the most strident lecturers on climate issues. (Barbra Streisand is in the mix, so you know it’s good.) They are all living in some lush digs which don’t show any sign of being short on water. But be of good cheer, citizens! There are a few stars who claim to be taking this seriously and they’re making changes.


Back in Malibu, Cher has impressive green grass and well-watered and trimmed hedges. The singer, however, has planted indigenous water- saving Palm trees in her front yard and drought-resistant succulents in her backyard.

Up the road, Julia Roberts has a sprawl of well-watered grass, but photos reveal a clear effort to switch to hardscape and native plants.

It takes 30 gallons of water to make one glass of wine, so “The Good Girl” actress Jennifer Aniston tore out the vanity vineyard of her newly purchased Bel-Air estate and replaced it with drought resistant plants and wood.

“She actually doesn’t have much of a lawn,” Aniston rep Stephen Huvane said. “Her entire front courtyard is mostly stone and trees.”

Tearing out your private, vanity vineyard? How will Aniston survive? And good job with the palm trees, Cher. Sounds like a real sacrifice. I suppose Julia Roberts might actually be walking the walk, but I’d have to see what it is that qualifies as “hardscape” and native plants.

Be that as it may, this just serves as a none-too-gentle reminder. There’s more than a little do as I say and not as I do taking place on the Left Coast. Keep that in mind when they show up to lecture you on the campaign trail next year.


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