Second look at Martin O'Malley?

Over the weekend there was some more virtual ink being spread around regarding former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley as he appears to edge closer to a potential run for the Democrat nomination in 2016. Give the man credit… he’s putting himself out there and highlighting his qualifications for high office.


“I believe that if you have the executive experience, the ideas to serve our nation well, and the ability to govern, you should offer your candidacy and let the people decide,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

He said that he’s “seriously considering” running and will make up his mind by May but that he wasn’t sure why others have not come forward.

When asked by host Bob Scheiffer why he thought he would be a better president than Clinton, O’Malley said it was because of “the experience I can bring to the job.”

I’ve been looking at the tale of the tape this morning and the Democrats might be crazy if they just write this guy off, particularly if the only other choice is Hillary Clinton. Let’s examine the relevant factors.

Legislative Experience: Hillary was elected to the United States Senate after essentially receiving a coronation and held office for roughly eight years. During that time she neither authored nor passed any significant legislation of her own. O’Malley was elected to the Baltimore City Council in 1991 and served an equal eight years, attaining positions as Chairman of the Legislative Investigations Committee and Chairman of the Taxation and Finance Committee. Hillary was assigned positions on four committees and was chair of none.

Executive Experience: O’Malley served eight years as Mayor of the 26th largest city in the United States and eight years as governor. Hillary Clinton has never held executive office.


State Department Experience: The only record of experience I can find for Hillary Clinton at the State Department is that she set some sort of record for airline miles flown. But I quickly discovered a picture of Martin O’Malley and his wife at Dulles Airport when they were leaving for Qatar.


Do you think he went there on a bicycle? The point is, O’Malley has proven that he can board, fly on and disembark from an airplane. This one is a tossup.

Family Life: Hillary Clinton is married with one child. O’Malley is married and is the father of four children. That’s a 400% advantage. Talk about productivity.

Television Legacy: Hillary Clinton is the inspiration for endless, rather insipid, mocking parodies on Saturday Night Live. O’Malley was the inspiration for Baltimore Mayor Tommy Carcetti in HBO’s series The Wire, possibly the best show ever put on television.

What are you Democrats thinking? Just look at this comparison and it’s a no-brainer. O’Malley is your guy, and as far as anyone knows he’s never scrubbed an email server.

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