Politinerds: Andrew Malcolm on the Rolling Stone debacle


We’re back with the long overdue part 2 of our interview with legendary newsman Andrew Malcolm. (You can listen to part 1 here if you missed it.) Because of his breadth of experience in the news game we wanted to get Andrew’s take on how things went so wrong, not only at Rolling Stone but other modern era newsrooms. He compares the standards to his own experiences working with various editors at a time when the process was more rigorous. He also describes his own theory of reporting and how he always strove to find a way to tell the real, human stories behind the news, as well as some of the work which earned him multiple Pulitzer Prize nominations.

First, though, we invite Andrew to take us on another stroll down memory lane. He describes for us his time working in Vietnam in the final days of the war. He saw some heartrending things and faced very real danger during his days covering the war which he brings to life with his usual flair.

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