Politinerds: Liz Mair and how she blew up the Twitterverse


This week Doug and I throw caution to the wind and invite Liz Mair to the Politinerds studio. Because it’s what we do, we don’t get into the recent brouhaha right away. We talked to Liz about her upbringing in Seattle and how she wound up in France and Scotland before finally settling down inside the Beltway. She talks about launching her own consulting firm and offers some advice for young entrepreneurs.

Then we get down to the entire Scott Walker affair in terms of what happened and what it portends for the profession of political consulting. Liz is surprisingly sanguine about the entire thing. Being someone who trades in opposition research herself on a daily basis, she apparently doesn’t feel that she has room to criticize others for doing the same thing to her. But she does weigh in on the role social media plays in people’s careers and a few other related topics.

Just click play.

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