Video: Dem congressman anxious to talk about anything but Hillary emails

This is something of a refreshing change, though it would have been even more refreshing if it didn’t have to happen on Fox News. Whenever something crops up about a Republican there seems to be a violation of the laws of physics as reporters move at greater than light speed to ask every other member of the GOP – particularly candidates for high office – to comment on it or to condemn the subject of the story. When something scandalous crops up regarding a Democrat, the urgency to ask other members of the Donkey party to comment is, shall we say, rather subdued. This effect has been somewhat muted in the case of Hillary’s secret email server, where there have at least been a few Democrats speaking up in the face of obvious obstructionism, but largely they’ve been volunteering to do so. (And good for them.)

The situation changes a bit when one of the more reticent ones has the question put to them uninvited. This was the case, as noted by Ian Tuttle at National Review, when California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff was challenged on the subject while sitting down on Fox this weekend.

Did Hillary Clinton sign a required State Department exit form (OF-109) mandating the surrender of all unclassified documents related to her work? And, if she did, does the revelation that she may have held back emails mean that she broke the law? Queried about the subject on Fox News Sunday, Democratic congressman Adam Schiff (Calif.), a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, was less than eager to talk about it.

“I don’t know if she signed it,” said Schiff. “I assume we’ll find out. I hope we find out about whether all prior secretaries have signed it. But let’s also talk about Benghazi.”

When host Chris Wallace pushed back against Schiff’s non-answer, a brief back-and-forth ensued: “She clearly didn’t live up to this pledge, you would agree?” asked Wallace.

“I don’t know what the terms of that require” — at which point Wallace volunteered to hand Schiff the document.

This just gets more an more uncomfortable (at least for Congressman Schiff) as it goes along. You’ll notice in the video how often Schiff is asked a direct question and his answers begin with “I don’t know” even if it’s just an inquiry about his own opinion. Offering to hand him documentation which he claims to be unaware of doesn’t change his lack of position. He just continues to attempt to shift the discussion back to whether or not investigations about Benghazi are “fair” or not. Did Hillary Clinton break the law? Schiff doesn’t know… and apparently doesn’t care. Perhaps NR can help him.

For more information about whether Hillary Clinton may have broken the law, read National Review Online’​s Shannen Coffin, here and here.

In any event, enjoy the video. Yes, it’s probably worth little more than a bit of schadenfreude for Sunday night, but what the heck.

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