This is America: Injured veteran gets mortgage-free house

We’ve had far too much depressing news this week, so it’s time for something good. And by something good, I mean something great. In North Carolina, an injured Iraq war veteran and his family have received a new home at no cost after losing almost everything they had due to complications from his injuries.

An Army veteran and his family are settling into a home donated to them mortgage-free and renovated by Bank of America and the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

Retired Sgt. Allen Megginson and his wife Amy arrived at the home this morning, escorted by members of the Patriot Guard. Megginson served for several years in the Army, deploying to Iraq, where he suffered brain, back and knee injuries. After leaving the military, he had a job, but lost it due to his PTSD.

Amy says, “We had a life with a home, the cars and everything and we lost it all. It’s been a hard road.”

But now, thanks to a community of volunteers, they can start rebuilding their lives.

“I think it’s going to afford us the ability through the program to rebuild. Over the last few years we’ve lost pretty much everything we had and it always seemed like such an uphill fight to rebuild. To be given this opportunity is going to afford us the opportunity to really rebuild and help others,” Allen says.

In the fashion typical to so may veterans, Sgt. Megginson told reporters that he felt like he didn’t deserve the new home because he had brothers and sisters in arms who were in greater need. (Or didn’t come home at all.)

There will probably never be an end to the wounded veterans who need help, but at least there are groups and individuals out there working to make a difference. Allen was helped out by the Military Warriors Support Foundation, among others. Depending where you live, other groups are doing similar good work such as the Wounded Warriors Project. While some veterans are receiving a new home, others are having existing homes modified with ramps and smart electronics devices to allow those with more severe disabilities to regain some measure of independence and a normal life. There are other charities doing this good work as well, but if you’d care to help out you may do so at the links provided.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022