Politinerds: Jake Tapper interview


This week’s interview is with CNN newsman Jake Tapper, host of The Lead with Jake Tapper, weekdays at 4 pm eastern. (As well as still being sent to every disaster and war zone that pops up.) Jake gets into some of his earlier history, including the fact that he was a cartoonist first and basically fell into television journalism through a simple twist of fate. We talk about the fact that he’s respected enough as a “politically agnostic” journalist to be nominated for Journalist of the Year at CPAC’s Blogbash for 2015, but his early career was a bit more diverse. We also get into the details of the transition which took place when he was at ABC guest hosting This Week for George Stephanopoulos, a seat which later went to Christiane Amanpour (with rather disastrous results for ABC) and how he wound up at CNN.

Jake also talks a little bit about his book The Outpost and the possibility that it may be coming to the big screen. Enjoy.

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