Politinerds: The AUMF


This week on Politinerds we did something a bit different. Following some listener feedback, Doug and I were reminded that we originally decided to launch this series because we frequently disagree on some of the issues under discussion. One such case came up with the President’s request for a new AUMF. Rather than dragging in a guest to bat it around, we debated the matter ourselves. While we both agreed that the AUMF as laid out by the White House has serious problems, it was for different reasons. Doug is opposed to more US military action, while I took the position that it’s time for some serious boots on the ground and ISIS butt kicking. (I was rather surprised to see that 66% of Americans seem to agree with me, saying we should send either a limited number or a large number of troops in to battle the terrorists.)

Next week we’ll be back with another guest interview, but for now let’s all figure out this AUMF issue. Listen on the embedded player below.

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Jazz Shaw Jul 05, 2022 12:31 PM ET