Video: Which progressive will take the Crusader Wager?

Plenty of progressive voices in the media have piled on to the President’s comments about the crusades and the moral equivocating in play when trying to describe the global destruction caused by radical Islamic terrorists. There’s more than a little material available to debate exactly how “evil” the crusaders were (to put it mildly) but it’s true that the Spanish inquisition took place along with other dark moments across man’s history. None of that, however, has much relevance in terms of the 21st century and what’s happening here and now.

One person who is fed up with this verbal wrangling is conservative Atlants radio host Michael Graham. In fact, he’s fed up to the point where he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is, and is calling out the liberals who echo Obama’s statements to do the same in what he is calling The Crusader Wager.

Put up or shut up.

Every time the topic of violence in the name of Islam comes up on my radio show or my Twitter timeline, I hear the argument that President Obama made: “The problem isn’t Islam—it’s extremism.” While it may appear that Islam has a unique problem regarding fundamentalist violence, you p.c.-types say, the real problem is fundamentalism in and of itself. And since other religions have fundamentalists and extremists, too, (which they do) Christians should “get off their high horse,” “slavery,” “Crusades,” etc. etc.

This is, obviously, nonsense. No one who says it believes it. It’s just a dodge, a political-correct blocking movement for people, who for whatever reason, don’t want to deal with the Natural Truth:

No other religion today has the same problem of fundamentalist violence as Islam.

I’ve gotten so tired of this ridiculous claim, that I’m now insisting the people who make it put their money where their mouth is—and do so for a good cause.

It’s called the “Crusader Wager.”

Here’s how it works. Graham is going to set aside $100 for “every death committed in the name of fundamentalist Christianity” in 2015. Any liberal who is willing to put up rather than shutting up needs to agree to put up one dollar for every person killed in the name of Islamist fundamentalism and violent jihad. That’s a one hundred to one ratio in their favor. At the end of the year they will add up the total figures. If there is more money for all of the people killed by Christian crusaders, Graham will donate it to the charity of the liberal’s choice. If the pool of money for everyone killed by Muslim terrorists is larger, the liberal must donate it to the Salvation Army. (Christian crusaders… get it?)

Let’s see if anyone takes Michael up on his offer. Are there any Christian terrorists which could qualify under the terms of the wager? The only one that comes to mind is Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and Sudan. (Calling them “Christians” is pretty insulting, but progressives will make the case that ISIS isn’t composed of very good Muslims either. The point is that the LRA call themselves Christians and claim to base their beliefs on the Ten Commandments.)

In any event, I can’t wait to see if somebody takes this up so we can tally the results next January. The worst that will happen is that some charity will get more money to do their work. (For full disclosure, Michael Graham is on the Salem radio network, a subsidiary of Hot Air’s parent company.)

Michael’s video follows.

This post was updated to reflect that Michael Graham is based in Atlanta, not New York, and is not currently with Salem.