Finally. ASU offers course in "The Problem with Whiteness"

You know what’s wrong with you white people? It’s not just that you’re so darned white, but that you never even understand what a problem that is. But it’s probably not your fault.. you just never had anyone to make sure you knew better. It’s likely too late for you, but at least there’s hope for your kids. If you send them to Arizona State University, they can sign up for a course on The Problem with Whiteness.

A segment on Friday’s “Fox and Friends” chastised Arizona State University for offering a course this spring that examines the “problem of whiteness.”

Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck spoke with Lauren Clark, an ASU student who was disturbed by a course in the school’s English department titled “Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.” Clark is also a writer for Campus Reform, a student news website backed by the Leadership Institute, which organizes conservative groups on campus.

Clark took issue with the class book list, which included titles like “Everyday Language of White Racism” and “Possessive Investment in Whiteness.” A syllabus for the class was not available online.

More from William Teach at Right Wing News.

Campus Reform’s Lauren Clark discussed the course with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox & Friends earlier, and Hasselbeck was very disturbed by the course. She wondered if a class called “The Problem with Blackness” or “The Problem with Being Female” would fly.

That’s a good point: would that be allowed? We all know the answer, and it is not just “no”, but “hell no!” If any teacher dared even bringing those topics up, they would be tarred and feathered (figuratively), ostracized, called horrendous names, and forced out of their job.

Eric Holder famously called America a “nation of cowards” for not discussing race, yet, we are mostly only allowed to make complaints about White People, to blame White people (in terms of race, mind you). If you try, you’ll be called a racist, in an attempt to shut down debate. The conversation is a soliloquy, a one sided conversation. Just the very fact that I mention this will have some calling me a racist, or at least proves that I am an “unconscious racist“, which is a big thing nowadays.

I’d like to pretend that this is more shocking than it is, but these days it’s just business as usual. The oblivious groups who push this sort of social restructuring and societal realignment via our nations’ campuses have a very clear intent and message, but fail to see how patently offensive it is to so many people. None of them are claiming that there’s anything technically wrong with being white, and they want to be very clear about that. No, the problem is that you walk around being white every single day, waking up, making your coffee, going to work and trying to keep your bills paid, and you do all of that without once stopping to think that you would have none of those things if it weren’t for the way that you’ve helped oppress minorities for your entire life.

The shorter version of all this is that your “problem” isn’t that you’re white… it’s that you act insufficiently guilty for being white.

Sadly, this is not uncommon enough at our universities to even raise an eyebrow. It may be time to just throw in the towel. Send your kids to technical school and teach them to weld or install heating and air conditioning. Heck, just send them to boot camp and have them do a stretch in the military. People like Campus Reform’s Lauren Clark are fighting a losing battle. The microcosm of the college campus is a lost cause and will probably not get over this sort of insanity until they finally collapse under their own weight.

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