The rise of the Rage Whiners

By this time you have doubtless caught on to the rather rapid evolution of the anti-cop protest movement taking place in various cities around the nation. What was once ostensibly a series of protests over perceived inequity in the treatment of minority suspects by certain white police officers has quickly morphed into a more generalized expression of unfocused anger. The intended target of this assault is increasingly vague and the movement displays even less organization and coherent purpose than the shabby hovels of the Occupy protesters of a few years ago. The one thing they seem to agree on is that black lives matter, with the clear subtext being that there is some shadowy group of presumably white power brokers out there who disagree.

Just this weekend we saw the #blacklivesmatter brigades shutting down a major interstate to no particular purpose other than stopping ambulances from getting crash victims to hospitals. Previously, we witnessed the disruption of dining for largely liberal consumers in largely liberal cities by the #BlackBrunch crowd, who seemed to ignore the fact that not only were many of the diners not white, but just as many of the employees who relied on the operation of the businesses for their livelihood were minorities as well. (The Boss Emeritus had a column recently on this phenomenon titled Attack of the Black Brunch Brats which is well worth a read if you missed it.) But no matter… they were invading traditionally white spaces.

All of these protesters exhibit a similar set of traits, lack of a cohesive message aside. In one of those “Gosh darn, I wish I’d written that” moments, Jim Geraghty encapsulates this new zeitgeist in what he describes as The Raging Whiner Nation.

Storming into bars and restaurants, locking themselves to concrete-filled-barrels and blocking Interstates… this is the progressive grassroots of 2015. This is the Left, capital-L. This is blind fury, lashing out at others for having the audacity to drink beverages, eat brunch, or commute in a manner that the self-appointed arbiters of justice on the Left deem insufficiently down with the cause. There is no actual “activism” here. There is no attempt at persuasion here. There is no thought here. There is only resentment and anger and a desire to lash out at anybody who isn’t one of them. There’s no agenda or plan to actually improve things. There’s no call to action. It’s just rage-whining.

Jim goes on to note that these activities are drawing a complete and total Silence of the Shams from Democrat leaders ranging from Barack Obama and Eric Holder on down the line to liberal governors and legislators. But these activities are so odious to everyone of all political stripes (or none at all) that Geraghty sees an opportunity for a real leader to fill the current vacuum.

Stupid Leftists – or we could call them “rage-whiners,” whichever term you prefer – aren’t quite ruining this country, but they’re throwing sand in the gears. There’s an opening here for a real leader, for somebody who is willing to stand up and say, “the moment somebody gets in the way of a good trying to get to work, arrest the bastard. The moment somebody starts disrupting a restaurant patrons just trying to eat their meal, call the cops and have them hauled out – it’s private property.

As our president asked, “Can’t I just eat my waffle?”

It’s a fair point, but it’s going to take somebody with a steel spine and no fear of the media maw. When Rudy Giuliani tried standing up and saying something similar, the charges of racism and white privilege erupted out of the anchor or editorial desks at CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times like a volcano of righteous indignation. That’s some tough terrain for any elected official to navigate.

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