NFL conference championships open thread

Jazz: I managed to somehow pick both of the games wrong last Sunday. Admittedly, I was taking a chance on the Cowboys, but both of us failed to see the Colts beating Denver. I’m now back to 3-5 in the post season and considered just picking some horse races for you, but we may as well see this to the end. Ed should be setting up this thread, but we received a telegram saying something about his having pitched all this politics stuff and taking up acting for a living, so we’ll muddle on. I was quite happy for the Colts and wish them the best. As for the Cowboys, I deserve everything I got for picking Romo at clutch time. #sigh

Ed: I’m still on vacation, but I’ll take some time out from my Hollywood adventures to offer a few thoughts. I’m at 6-2 for the playoffs, so I’m guaranteed a winning record, but the next three games are the biggies. The games so far have all been close; it’s been a really fun post-season, and had a couple of breaks gone the other direction, Jazz would have bragging rights now. I get the sense that these next couple of games could flip easily on an unusual break, too — all four teams have been strong, but not indomitable, even at home. Today should provide lots of thrills, too. At least, they will if I get a chance to see more of the games today than I saw last week.

Jazz: Here are the final contenders who are within sixty minutes of a shot at the Lombardi trophy:

  • Packers at Seahawks (3:05,Fox) – Under normal circumstances I would give the Packers as good a chance at winning this game as the Seahawks. Seattle has made it to the end of the NFC road, but they’ve never looked quite as strong as billed at the beginning of the season. But there is nothing normal going on here. Aaron Rodger’s calf is still not going to be 100%. He got away with it last week against the Cowboys but his luck runs out today. Combine that with the very real home field advantage that the Seahawks bring to the table and Seattle wins this one 34 – 17.
  • Colts at Patriots (6:40, CBS) – I’m not even going to defend this one. I hate the Patriots like Khan hated Kirk and I want them to lose no matter what the oddsmakers say. I just can’t pick them to win. I’m going with the Colts 27-24 in an upset.


  • Packers at Seahawks (3:05,Fox) – Jazz is picking Seattle, and he’s almost certainly right. They have the home field and plenty of experience playing at this level. For some reason, though, I don’t think Seattle’s as tough this year. I’m going to pick Green Bay in a close game, 27-24, mainly on the strength of Eddie Lacy.  It’s a long shot, but I think the Packers may have a surprise in today’s game.
  • Colts at Patriots (6:40, CBS) – I’d like to think that Andrew Luck will break through to the Super Bowl this season, but … going through New England is still just as tough as it ever has been. The Patriots are not unbeatable, but at home they’re pretty close to it. Luck will give it a good shot but Brady will win out in the end, 35-27.