"I wanted to kill cops"

Another day, another crazy, anti-cop outbreak of violence. This one took place Wednesday night in New York near the Holland Tunnel. Instead of guns, this time we have a maniac going the vehicular homicide route, though thankfully the officers involved were not injured.

Matthew Christian Cash, who has an extensive criminal record, was barreling down a restricted fire lane near Varick and Watts streets when he barely missed cops patrolling the tunnel and smashed his silver Audi right into their ­police cruiser at about 8 p.m., authorities said.

After crashing into the cruiser, the unhinged man twice screamed “I want to kill cops” and struggled with officers trying to detain him, according to sources.

“He was putting up a fight,” said witness Michael Rosselli.

“They had to get him into the cruiser. He was kicking at the ­window trying to get out. They had medics on standby.”

It should be noted that the Evil, Racist Cops Who Are Always Looking to Kill Black People managed to get hold of the guy who said he wanted to murder them, bundle him into a squad car without injury and get him to a hospital.

The assailant was found to have “synthetic marijuana” in the car (man, I am totally out of date on my drug lingo) and claimed to be on PCP at the time of the attack. But as much as the usual list of suspects will try to write this off as “a mentally troubled man with substance abuse problems,” the cocktail of drugs in his system did not cause him to proclaim his desire to slaughter the police. That came from somewhere, and not just some hallucination driven by horse tranquilizers. The guy was intending to kill cops and made no bones about it.

How many more of these incidents do we need to see before the reality sinks in at the executive level of both the federal government and the states? There is a war on cops going on out there, and unlike the media darling memes of a hypothetical War on Women, this one involves actual combat with guns, axes and now vehicles. Blaming the police for all of this is not improving the situation.

The original version of this post was updated to indicate that the Holland Tunnel is not actually in Pennsylvania.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023