The only person to heal the NYPD - de Blasio rift is...

How bad has the situation gotten between the New York City police department and the Mayor’s office? According to the police unions, the situation has reached a crisis level which can only be rescued by… Bubba.


NYPD union leaders think the rift between the rank and file and Mayor Bill de Blasio is so bad, it can only be healed by one man — ex-President Bill Clinton — and police brass are receptive to the idea, sources told The Post.

The startling proposal, made during a meeting between Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and the NYPD’s five union chiefs on Wednesday, came as a shot cop got a hero’s send-off upon being released from the hospital.

The Clinton solution was floated by detectives union head Michael Palladino.

“Palladino said the mayor needs someone like Bill Clinton to act as an intermediary,” one source said.

A source said Clinton was an ideal choice because “he’s a statesman; he’s well-respected; he’s a good mediator and he was a pro-law enforcement president.”

Well… he was the nation’s first black president, after all.

Clinton may have other things on his mind, unfortunately. If you look him up in the Google news listings, the top hits these days involve his name showing up (along with Prince Andrew’s) in the phone book of a sex offender. Oh, and his wife might run for some political office.

But having taken a moment to succumb to the temptation of the obvious jokes, is this really all that crazy of an idea? Clinton has pretty much abandoned his southern roots entirely and is now an established denizen of the Big Apple. While he has moved the offices of the Clinton Foundation to Manhattan, his personal office is still in Harlem. He is a Democrat in a city of Democrats, and certainly the most famous one in the five boroughs. His popularity – particularly among minorities – is through the roof. At the same time, he has a long reputation as having been a supporter of urban law enforcement initiatives during the early years of his presidency when New York City was finally getting a handle on their staggering crime rate.


If Clinton wanted to step in for some sort of Camp David moment in Brooklyn and bring the Mayor’s office and the police union leadership together for a chat, is there really a down side to that? The police are not about to listen to de Blasio at this point (for good reason) but Bubba might be the one who could pry some serious concessions out of the Mayor and make the resolution palatable to the cops.

Let’s have him give it a shot. If nothing else, it would give the media something to ask him about other than his wife’s plans for this year.

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