After funeral, as NYPD returns to work, problems await

The funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos will be held today, with tens of thousands of fellow law enforcement officers, friends, family members and supporters demonstrating their compassion. The arrangements for Officer Wenjian Liu are still being planned pending the arrival of family members from China. But even after the officers have both been laid to rest, the conditions on the streets which led to this tragedy have most certainly will have not. Police are still on the job and they will all be going back to work in a city – and a nation – where it appears that little has changed.

As Jeff Dunetz reports, the graduate student Newspaper at the City University of New York ran an editorial which in the hands of far too many students.

The violence of the police is almost always defensible in the eyes of the ruling elite, as evinced by Barack Obama’s platitudes to liberal desires to the rule of law in the aftermath of the grand jury decision. So, why then is the violence of the protestor so reviled? It is confounding that the people seem more concerned about the loss of property than the loss of life in the aftermath of the Ferguson decision. While there are opportunists who have used the protests to their own end, the acts of looting, destruction of property, and violence directed towards state representatives is not only warranted, it is necessary. If people could, they would target the police, but the protesters know that a direct confrontation (with what is now a military force in this country) at this time would likely result in their deaths. The destruction of property in the area is the next best option.

Lest we think that this is just a couple of misguided college kids, the police are facing a hostile, violent atmosphere right inside the offices of our first responders. Two 911 dispatchers started a disturbance at their offices when they took the side of the cop killers.

A war of words erupted in the city’s 911 call center Saturday over allegations two operators made “anti-police” remarks after the assassinations of two cops, the Daily News has learned. The fracas occurred when news broke that Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu had been shot execution-style by a deranged gunman, sources said.

The remarks were allegedly made by a couple of the 911 operators who handle NYPD calls — and two Fire Department dispatchers in earshot got heated in response, sources said. The alleged comment that created the most friction was when one said the cops had “deserved it,” said a law enforcement source.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Eric Garner (who supposedly doesn’t endorse any violence against police) posted a link to the addresses of officers involved in the incident with her father.

The atmosphere between the Mayor and the NYPD clearly hasn’t improved in the wake of the assassinations either. A group of current and former officers put their resources together and sent up a skywriter to remind Hizzoner that they were still turning their backs on him.


This culture of anti-cop hatred is being reinforced on a daily basis in newspapers and television programs, and there’s more than a little history to it. You see, far too much of the media is willing to fan the flames in either direction when it suits the narrative. For example, as the Daily Caller noted recently, there was a phase when Time Magazine was very worried about the welfare of police and the danger of anti-cop hatred. Of course, that’s only when they can blame the right people.

Time Magazine warned of a growing threat to cops nationwide in September 2010. The nationally renowned publication argued that sinister individuals would launch targeted attacks against police officers and even ambush them in their patrol cars.

Time alerted readers that these groups and individuals have a disturbing hatred of cops and that there was a real threat of “lone-wolf” attacks.

Who are these groups that present such a threat to police? Right-wing militias, according to Time.

The cops can’t even expect any support in the courts of New York, it seems. There is one judge who has now released two people who were attacking and / or threatening to kill officers – back to back – without even asking them to post bail.

We are seeing too many police funerals and too many people who attempt to portray some sort of equivalency between the lost lives of police officers and the lives of those who roam the streets and stick guns in cops’ faces. There is no comparison between the two. But the protests which paint the police as the problem will continue and they will be abetted by a willing army of cable news talkers and newspaper columnists. It’s difficult to escape the feeling that what was once an occasional spark among those who live outside the law has turned into a brush fire. And soon there may be nobody out there to douse the flames.

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